Letter of Advice Essay

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Letter of Advice

A. Interpersonal communication is a process composed of multiple elements and skill and practice are required to be an effective communicator.

II. Evaluate appropriate levels of self disclosure in relationships. A. Taking risks is the only way we can learn, feel, grow, and have meaningful relationships. 1. Self-disclosure has many advantages in building interpersonal relationships. 2. As a relationship progresses, people begin to reveal more details about themselves and their lives to the other person. B. Self-disclosure is an important requirement for friendships as well as intimate relationships. 1. Self-disclosure allows you to reduce uncertainty about each other and to predict how costly or how rewarding future interactions with another person will be. C. Self disclosure to another person, in a sense you are placing a border on him or her to share information with you to approximately the same degree.

III. Define emotional intelligence and its role ineffective interpersonal relationships. A. Emotions as the body’s reactions to certain stimuli.

1. Feelings arise when we add thought and interpretation to these physical reactions. 2. Emotions are neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong; they are simply part of being human.

IV. Describing strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts. A. Conflict can be described as angry disagreement.

B. When conflict erupts, emotions are involved, and the relationships can be threatened if the conflict is not resolved amicably. C. Conflict can be dangerous because it has a tendency to grow and worsen, but it can also have important benefits that can strengthen a relationship and might even be desirable.

V. Communication is Personalized

A. This personalized communication streamlines the messages between people in the relationship. However, it serves another purpose as well; it can create an intimate bond between them that no one else shares, and much like a secret that they share; it can help to strengthen the connections between the individuals.

VI. Interpersonal Communications

A. Interpersonal communication is a lifelong study that requires ongoing practice for everyone. B. Five essential aspects of interpersonal communication are listening skills, people skills, emotional intelligence, appropriate skill selection, and communicating ethically.

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