Letter Assignment Essay

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Letter Assignment

Dear Mr. Steinfatt: I would like to respectfully request for a letter of recommendation to help support  my application for a part-time job as a Financial Advisor.  It would be an enormous benefit on my part because I am a foreign student and I have yet to obtain my degree. I am currently a junior majoring in Finance and International Business in (state your university).

I have been your student online in the course (pls supply the course name) beginning (state the date when you started the course).  I find the lessons very useful and enjoyable at the same time, and definitely beneficial in the career path I am going to take. I really appreciate how approachable and helpful you have been, patiently and promptly answering all my questions. It has truly been enlightening, and I am very much grateful to you.

I have stated in my resume that (cite anything you would like from your resume, something impressive or will help you get the job).  I am a very organized and determined worker, greatly persevering, and cooperative.  I am also extremely adaptable and quite a fast learner.

Carmen Adriana Halabi

May 21, 2010

You may address your letter to (name and title of person you would like the letter to be mailed to) preferably before (give reasonable deadline),  if it is agreeable with you. I have enclosed a preaddressed stamped envelope for your convenience.

You may contact me through the details I have provided (if you indicated them above. If not, you may state them here) in case you wish to discuss this matter further.  Thank you very much for your kind assistance. It is genuinely appreciated.

Sincerely,    Carmen Adriana Halabi

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