Letter Essay Topics

Proposal Cover Letter

Enclosed please find the protocol and consent form for the study, “Name of Study.” I have also enclosed a copy of the State University Institutional Review Board’s approval, dated January 12, 2002, and the Tribal Council’s approval, dated December 15, 2001. We propose to conduct a population-based study of all tribal members age 60 and… View Article

Hiring Manager

I have recently found through your online advertisement that your company is in need of an administrative support specialist to fill the position of clerical support staff. I am confident that upon your review of my credentials you will find that I am a perfect match for the job.            I have five (5) years of… View Article

Management Capacity Resume

The purpose of this letter is to express my interest in working with your company in a management capacity.  I have over 15 years experience working for a major bottling company utilizing my Sales and Operations management skills which would be an asset to your organization. My diverse background includes serving in the United States… View Article

Resume Cover Letter

This letter is to express my interest in bringing my expertise as a Human Resource Director to your organization.  I possess excellent interpersonal skills and am effective in management employment and payroll-related issues to achieve company goals and objectives. As you can gather from my attached resume, I have expertise in working effectively with executive… View Article

Company Representative Paper

This letter is to express my interest in bringing my experience as a Technical Support Analyst to your organization. I possess excellent customer service skills and have the technical skills and abilities in desktop and network support that will be an asset to your organization. As you can gather from my attached resume, I have… View Article

Maximilian’s Letter

In Maximilian’s letter to Minister Siliceo, he expressed a deep desire to improve the educational system in Mexico, such that he wanted Mexico’s literacy level to be at par with those of the developed countries. His goal was to make education free for everyone, at least on the elementary level. In writing this, he made… View Article

Persuasive Letter to Hon Tony Clement

Clearly, there are supporters and opposition concerning using human eggs for stem cell research. However, it is my opinion that when the donor does so of their own free will, this should be allowed by law. In fact, with minimal studies results indicate that stem cells are vital in the future cures of many diseases… View Article

Perasuasive Sales Letter

This short letter revolves around one important point: blood donated for infusions can be stored for no longer than 72 hours, after which it will be discarded. This means that people are in serious danger of dying depend on the daily efforts of all Americans who donate blood to save them. Today, the situation is… View Article

Trask New Letter

Human Resource Manager (or name if known) Company Address Date Dear Sir/Madam: I have become aware of an opening in this establishment for a manager, and I would like to be considered for this position. I have spent the past 15 years working professionally with people of all types and personalities, and my leadership and… View Article

Reply of an Invitation

Thank you for the invitation to the Chinese National Day. It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet you all. I am very much happy that sharing the happiness and being a speaker at an upcoming dinner at Government House. Globally speaking, China is known as one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Due to… View Article

Financial Hardship Letter

I am writing to explain my current situation in relationship to the mortgage payment that I am no longer able to pay due to financial hardship. I understand that my mortgage payment is important and that having my situation come to the point where I have to write a hardship letter represents a very low… View Article

Annie’s Advice Quotes

Dear Annie, The other day, I got Chinese take-out and the lady at the till offered me a cookie and told me that the fortunes actually come true. The cookie told me I was gonna be king! I immediately knew it was referring to homecoming king at the dance next Saturday, but the surprising thing… View Article

Forgive Me Letter

 I do not think there is anything I can say or do to express the amount of remorse I have regarding my actions toward you and your family. This letter will never give any justice to what I have done or said to you but still I want you to know that I am sorry… View Article

Weymouth Steel Corporation

I would like to thank for your time to spend on Weymouth Steel Corporation and believe you have good working opportunities when you have been in the corporation. Over the past few years, because of economy crisis, an estimated 25% fall in business and the anticipated capital spending expenditures of $2 billion a year. In… View Article