Let's Celebrate Veterans Day

Is one of your family members a veteran? Did they support and protect this country while risking their lives, and missing their family, and friends. Many schools and businesses don’t celebrate Veterans Day. This has created a big social debate and made many people start the topic and argument whether we should take off a day for this national holiday…. Should we? As a son and grandson of a military veteran. I myself believe that Veterans Day should be celebrated by taking off school and offering free food at all restaurants to veterans who served or are currently serving.

As long as they bring their military ID. When you consider how much they have done for this country and what they have risked for you. Maybe the idea of doing something big for them on Veterans and Memorial Day then it will hit you that this holiday is bigger than what you think.

I can understand that some people believe that taking off a day of school can be a waste of time and throwing away a day of learning.

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This leads to schools getting behind, families possible leaving for the holiday and missing the next day. When this happens some small schools won’t have enough to even have a day of school. Then this will also change the schedule for schools to meet the minimum amount of hours to attend school required in a year. Then again do people understand that you can add an extra day or two.

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Or how about you take a day off of let’s say Christmas Break, or end the final day of school on a later date, also you could even get rid of one of the bad weather days. This could result in being able to have the day off for Veterans Day. This would make many veterans and just other people in general happy that support the military. It would for sure make about 99% of the students happy because they could have another day off.

Also this day off could host many events, special orders for food such as discounts or free food for the veterans, memorials, and the possibilities of events such as parades. When all of these events add up. It generally makes just about everyone in the community happy and appreciate what others are willing to do for people that sacrificed their life and went through for our own country. Many soldiers did not get to eat, sleep, rest, or even get to communicate with their own family members. Unlike us we can come home to a meal everyday, sleep, rest, have free time, and can communicate with friends and family. We should be thankful for what our military has done for us.

Would you not agree that this day that celebrates great history and many special occasions that our great military has done for us should be celebrated the right way? So when you think of all the holidays and events that we celebrate and thank religions, cultures, history, war, or just plain out freedom. Would you not consider Veterans Day one of the top holidays that we should be thankful for? Schools should make the right approach and take the day off or have an early release. Do you agree? I know that I will be celebrating and thanking our great veterans and appreciating what they have done for us throughout the years. At least the veterans should be off for the day. Instead of just government and banks. As without the military we would not be able to protect our government, banks, jobs, schools, and most importantly ourselves. This holiday is very underrated and should be taken into consideration more than others.

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Let's Celebrate Veterans Day

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