Lessons Learned: What Life Experience Teaches Us

The experiences give us memories through the involvement in actions and observation of events. Everyone has the inclination; all one needs is to find the time to reflect and do what is believed to be best. In life, there are many crucial events that stand out in our life which helps us to grow stronger and to be satisfied. Through memoir, the collection of the event which is based on the individual experience can play an essential role which can become a huge source of pleasure and gratification.

Every individual posse various memories to reflect upon similarly, in the following paragraph it will reflect upon those memories which had a significant impact in gaining lesson through self-reflection such as the community service, getting my lost geometry and accidentally angered bees by throwing a rock at their hives.

The event that changed my life occurred when I was in a high school a few years ago. Basically, when I joined the Tarayana club that time I was in the tenth grade and I was nominated as the club captain in whom I was responsible to carry out the event that has planned by the coordinator.

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At first while joining the club there was no such keen interest as I was hand over with responsibility. However, with change in time many students joined the club in which I met new people and it was easy to get along with the new friends as we are having common interests. Furthermore, it has become a part that helped to developed character and skills such as leadership, time management, experience, communication among the team and being able to work successfully in a group.

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For example, when it comes to the time management the amount of time worked for the club differs but that’s still the time that we have to manage during our busy schedule. However, with good time management, all the members of a club could contribute to the team and with change in time I could see myself changed as it has become possible to do the club role as I could figure out how much time I need to put for the club work. Consequently, learning new skills and improving time management can help to pursue our career in the future.

During that time club coordinator had planed about community service especially regarding to those old age grand-parents who are left without children and those are abandoned by their children. Hence, the club members started to collect essential things and contributed small donation from the team members. The next day we went to that place where those grandparents were kept, upon reaching there the club member started to clean the surrounding by picking the papers, cleaning their house and cooked lunch for them. So, after lunch break coordinator spoke few words on behalf of the club organization and then started with the distribution of ration, clothes, soaps and shoes. Though it was a small contribution there was heart full appreciation, well-wishers and prays for the member and coordinator. Besides, I could see their tearful eyes and utters “I wish my child was like you all”. Thus, that moment made me realize the expectation of parents they have from their children, how grateful they are in our life and taught how to be a responsible person in life.

The second crucial moment can be traced back to when I was in grade two. One of the difficult tasks of being a child is learning to make right decision and taking care of our belongings. Once it so happened that in the afternoon while I was in the school playground practicing the rhyme for the class competition I kept my Camlin geometry near to the step. That time Camlin geometry was considered to be brand new with illustrations such as compass, divider, scale, protractor, eraser and sharpener but when I finished my practicing my geometry was lost in a panic I started to cry as worried that parent will scold me. After coming back our English madam made the announcement regarding the lost of my geometry and told the finder will be rewarded. Next day during English class session Madam told me she found my lost geometry and she asked me to get it from her, during that time I directly went towards her and she was stretching her hand towards me he said here you go. I directly tried to pick my geometry but she was denying and whole class student started to laugh, I was wondering why they were laughing and after few minutes I realized that I was picking my geometry by one hand. So, later madam advised me not to get things by one hand as it is against discipline in order to show the disciple one should be receiving the things by both hands. Thus, though that moment was little embarrassing yet I came to know that being a student one should never forget the code of behavior. In addition, it made me realized that school is the only place where we can commit mistake and learn from the mistake that one has committed. Moreover, it had helped to comprehend about the etiquette to show equal humbleness, kindness and modesty toward family member, teacher, and friends and towards the surrounding people. Therefore, it reminds me that an individual can create a unique personality due to good manners.

Lastly, one of the moments that I could reflect upon was throwing rocks in the bee’s hives. Once it happened that while when we were returning from the school the group of boys had been assembled in which I could hear the aggressive noise made by the boys. So, I went there as I saw the presence of my younger brother. Upon reaching there I found out that the two boys of our class had been bitten by the bee as the lower class boys had thrown stones at the beehive and I could see the swollen face. The boy from our class was complaining, in that situation, I was annoyed with my brother and in anger, I had slapped my brother in front of all in which I completely stopped listening to the words coming out of his mouth. However, later I came to know that my brother was innocent and the real culprit was the two children who had thrown stones at the beehive. So, I was guilty of what I have done and I made I apologized to my brother. I came to realized that it important to listen to another view before any reaction and during the monotonous situation anger urged us to take action to put something right which motivates us to act towards it. On the other hand, one failed to recognize their anger as a problem rather they see other people as the problem. Thus, through this small incident, I came to know that individual is responsible to control their own anger and not to react without understanding the truth of the situation. Additionally, it important to be open-minded and listens to another opinion to understand the opponent’s position.

To conclude, a life event can be an experience that interrupts individual activities causing substantial change. The various moments which had occurred in one’s life are one of the essential parts which shape the outcome either positively or negatively. This small moment usually proves to be meaningful which leaves a lasting imprint in someone’s memory. Moreover, the event in life helps individuals to witness the flows of life with experiences which can be used as the source of inspiration for our own reflection to shape individual personality. Though the event can be a small incident yet in every step it drops the valuable lesson.

Updated: Mar 04, 2021
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