Lessons Essay Topics

Lessons learnt about one-on-one communication

Another point to mention is that even though it is the group of critics that are to blame, the speaker is not always just a victim. It is the speaker’s fault is he or she does not prepare for what is to be said, how to say it and what tone and anecdotal examples to… View Article

Diverse Learners Lessons

In today education system, there have been an increase of the diversity in the classrooms and thus, we have been forced to look for the best lesson plans of which will be used to suit all the categories of individuals in the society. With this, the diverse learner have been identified to be different from… View Article

Cross-content Lessons

Instructional design is very important towards the success or failure of children to understand the lessons that are thought by teachers. This essay will look at the instructional design of lessons for children ages 5 to 7, who have difficulty reading and studying mathematics. Designing a lesson has to do with a number of target… View Article