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Lesson Plan Template Essay

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Lesson Plan Template

The student will be able to solve an equation that contains two single digit numbers. The student will recognize the symbol for addition. The student will successfully set up the equation and put the numbers in the correct sequence. Anticipatory Set Teacher will introduce the lesson by calling two students to the front of the room. One student will write one number (1-9) and the other student will write another number (1-9) on the board Teach Lesson / Model The teacher will place an addition and equals sign on the board and then introduce the lesson topic. The teacher will then briefly re-teach how numbers represent quantities.

The tens blocks will then be used to represent the numbers in the equations. The teacher will then complete several equations using both the tens blocks and the number line Guided Practice The teacher will then place several equations on the board and allow students the opportunity to help solve them. The teacher will use the mum ball (when the teacher or another student throws the mum ball to the student, they are allowed to speak) to call on students to participate. Students tend to like this and it allows for movement. The teacher will ensure that each student gets a chance to answer one question.

Independent Practice Students that require extended time will be granted more time, and the same applies for students requiring separate settings. The students will be met on their level. The teacher will check the work of each student and will offer more practice during the next day’s morning work. Also will have each student time to do IXL Online Math Practices and test Closure The teacher will collect the activity sheets and ask the students their thoughts on the lesson. The teacher will ask why topics such as this are important and have students provide situations where this skill could be beneficial Evaluation

*Assessment/Rubrics Students should be graded on participation and the accuracy of their counting and writing skills students will be assessed through the weekly skills test that is conducted each Thursday. If the student is determined to have not mastered the concept, re-teaching will occur on Friday. MATERIALS AND RESOURCES Instructional Materials (handouts, etc. ) The instructor will use the blackboard/dry erase board to begin the lesson. The students will be provided with a worksheet with ten addition problems as well as sets of nine blocks. The will be allowed to use a number line.

Resources Internet IXL Online Math for practice and testing Review adding several 1-digits numbers in the vertical format, emphasizing that when the total is ten or greater you ‘carry’ the number to the top of the tens column. Then add the numbers in the tens column, which, at this point, is only the number that was carried. Review adding a 1-digit number to a 2-digit number in the vertical format, pointing out that when the units column is ten or greater you put the number from the tens place in the answer at the top of the tens column of the 2-digit number.

Then you add those two numbers in the tens column and put the sum in the tens column of the answer. The K- Kindergarten will be able to add two single digit numbers, each being no greater than 10, when provided with an oral equation within a one minute time period. (This task analysis is for a child who is able to see, and hear, and has normal developmental abilities. Some addition or variant steps may be required for a child who has special needs).

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