Lenovo Flex 2 – Lenovo Y50 Touch Essay

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Lenovo Flex 2 – Lenovo Y50 Touch

* A test that measures overall performance of the laptop. Average of Y50 Touch class is 8,429 ** A test to match 20,000 names to their addresses, average of Flex 2 Class: 5:28 and that for Y50 Touch, 5:24 *** A test performed by duplicating 4.97GB of mixed media.

**** Tested by continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi at 100 nits. Average of Flex 2 Class: 6:30 and that for Y50 Touch, 7:18

Lenovo Flex 2 gives you dependable performance, a smattering of handy apps and a crisp, 1080p display. You’ll also get very loud (albeit harsh) speakers and a comfy keyboard. The Lenovo Y50 Touch is a solid gaming laptop, with good performance and a reasonable price, but it’s in a category where performance is often stellar and price is usually a secondary concern. The laptop offers respectable mid-level performance with a rather elegant-looking chassis and a comfortable keyboard.


-For a student studying digital arts to perform photo manipulation, animation, audio processing, and DVD creation using tools such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Premiere Pro CC When you are using software such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Premiere Pro CC, you need a high performance machine that allows you to work smoother and when you are a student of the field, you would require to do many projects and certain stuff that would really be hard if you have a machine that dies when subjected to high resolution animation or stuff like that.

Photo manipulation requires many iterations and playing around the photo with different tools to get the final result. Animation might seem easy to a common person but it not the case really. Creating an animation requires certain memory dedicated to the tools and to animate the designs demand a high performance laptop. Audio processing is also a task to be done on a high performance laptop running many tests and combinations to get the results. A student of digital arts has most of the degree to be done digitally and lagging in the machine means the low marks in study and for all that, the recommended one is without any doubt Lenovo Y50 touch.

-For a student studying accounting to perform basic word processing tasks, financial analysis with Excel, and a student installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP Basic word processing tasks are not very hard for an ordinary laptop to do and doesn’t require much of computing power. A laptop with i-3 processor of 4th generation would really suffice the duty of this task. Excel is obviously one of the top tools to deal with the finance and to analyze the records is a must to do for a student of accounting. Excel is a light software and doesn’t require much of memory to do the task efficiently. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a business software and again, it fills its requirements without the immense consumption of memory or computing power. For the requirements of a student of accounting, Lenovo Flex 2 can do the tasks with an additional fun part of its dual mode. Being a student, cost is one of the most important factors and when you can get all you need in $499, why to waste $500 more on something you don’t need.

-For a student studying information systems or computer science to perform programming, web site development, and advanced system administration, networking and security labs using tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and VMware Workstation Programming is just like the blood in the veins of the programmer and when the blood clots, you can bet that the performance can’t be what is expected to get the high performance and for a student, to get the good grades. At the lower levels, where you can get through with simple programming and development stuff, you may not require very high performance but when the stuff gets tougher like advanced system administration and networking, you need a high performance laptop to pull the plugs and get the job done.

Microsoft Visual Studio is not a very light tool and it requires certain power of the computer to run smoothly. For a computer science student, it is a very essential tool as he does a major portion of learning on it and for fast learning and progressing, a high performance laptop is required. VMware helps you to run operating systems simultaneously but if you have a laptop with a little or just enough memory, you would be facing problems like hanging and computer dying while doing a project, etc. You cannot run smooth with a slow computer in the field and for all that Lenovo Y50 Touch is an ideal choice as it gives high performance with its i7 processor and 8 GB RAM.

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