Lending System Essay

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Lending System

a. Description of the System

As the world moves a global competitive and more complex electronic place, lots of establishments still are using the old way of doing process. The best thing to consider is the assurance that the clients are getting the satisfaction of the services provided by the company and also the creating each member a friendly environment.

The existing loan or lending transaction processing system of some related companies is just manually operated. It takes a few days or even weeks to be processed. This can be obsolete because of the presence of the computers, which could facilitate any transaction at faster rate. Actually the companies merely use computer for the documentations and not for their system. In fact, they only use word and excel which are generally used Microsoft office works and not a specific task.

That’s why; the computer does not help them a lot to make their process faster and accurate. Thus, the lending system will provide a better way to facilitate those transaction and queries and also the process happening in the company. Automatically checking the status of members/staff and clients are included that will prevent both of them to consume a bunch of time.

In that case of lending system that will provide a speed up in the process of transaction processes for lending companies.

If the system will be successful the staffs or clerks will reduce the works and the clients will not be bored to wait until the transaction will finish. This can also aid the problem of technicalities and errors provided by the manual system, so it will be efficient to them.

b. Statement of the Problem

The study attempt to know if the computerize lending system can help the lending/loaning companies speed up the process of their transactions with their clients. This study need to answer the following questions.

1. How helpful is a computerize lending system to a company?

2. How can a computerize lending system fasten the works of the clerk of a company?

3. What are the possible disadvantages of using a computerize lending system?

4. Is the time consumed by a computerize lending system faster than the manual one?

5. Is the computations of computerize lending system more accurate than the manual computations?

c. Objectives of the Study

1. To make a functional lending system that can makes the work of employees easier.

2. To build a lending system that can be use by most lending companies.

3. To fasten the work of a company’s clerks and all employees involved.

4. To add some functions that is not usually seen at most computerize lending systems.

d. Significance of the Study

The significance of making the manual system computerized is to fasten the works of the employees because of faster computations, faster transactions and better information storing by making the confidential transactions secured. It can also be used to see the information and transactions made by their clients.

e. Scope

Our system can save and see the information of the clients, can be use the lending transaction function by most of the lending companies, can be use to see the transactions made by their clients. Our systems also have an authenticating procedure to limits the employees that can view the transactions.

f. Limitations

Our system is only limited to be executed to a computer and cannot be run using any other devices like smart phones, tablets and old model computers. Our system can have a server for multiple transactions using several client computers but cannot be use for online transactions.

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