Lego: Management and Business Strategy

Logo Implemented an enterprise architecture using software package SAP, which enabled them to modularize and standardize the Information systems architecture. Two most Important modules for Logo are Supply Chain management and Product Life Cycle Management. So, the new SAP Implementation of these modules perfectly aligned with the changed business strategy. Inductors also made a drastic change In the organizational structure of the company. Logo switched its employee pay structure, offering incentives for appropriate product innovation and sales.

This aligns with the equines strategy of expanding business through innovation and creativity.

2. Which of the generic strategies does Logo appear to be using based on this case? Provide support for your choice. There are three kinds of strategies Logo used, they are 1. Business Strategy 2. Organizational Strategy 3. Information Systems Strategy. Logo’s new Business Strategy of embracing the newer technologies and expansion into newer domains is evident in its involvement in Hollywood and entering into video games and virtual-interaction games markets.

Also the new strategy is to change the target customers of the Logo products.

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In order to align with the Business Strategy Logo also made drastic changes to its organizational structure. It made changes to employee pay structure in a way to improve innovation and creativity. Another most important change is made to the production process. The development time has been reduced almost 50%. These changes improved the production of the products and the company started to grow again. This growth forced the company to change its Information Systems strategy.

In order to cater needs of each modules of their business Logo Implemented modularized Enterprise architecture collaborating with IT giants such as MM and SAP.

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3. Are the changes Implemented by Inductors an Indication of hyperinflation? Defend your position. The changes Implemented by Inductors Indicate a hyperinflation. Logo’s changes In business strategy, organizational strategy and IS strategy are very drastic. The speed with which it embraced the current market trends and current technologies 4. What advice would you give Inductors to keep Logo competitive, growing, and relevant?

Logo: Management and Business Strategy By copycats 234 implemented by Inductors align with the changes in business strategy? Systems be changed. Also, the company’s expansion into newer technological use advanced technologies for their Information Systems. Logo implemented an modularize and standardize the information systems architecture.

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