Legal Issues in Gaming Industry Essay

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Legal Issues in Gaming Industry

When it comes to looking at the legal issues, we can that there are loads of them. The cause of legal issues rise when a specific games company copies other people’s work or they take what other games without permission.

An example of such issue is when the Arktos Entertainment Group, who are the makers of MMO The War Z game, were found to have copied the terms of service agreement from the game, League of Legends.

And as crazy this may sound, but another huge legal issue to fall upon the gaming industry when JUSTIN BIEBER filed a lawsuit against a company who develops Android Smartphones called RC3. All this hassle was because RC3 created a video game called Joustin’ Beaver, which parodied Justin Bieber.

Another legal issue is copyright. Such incident happened between Nova Productions and Mazooma Games. The reason is because Nova sued Mazooma for copying elements from their games.. Jackpot Pool and Trick Shot. Regulatory Issues in Games.

Regulatory Issues

Seen as more and more games are getting violent and the no. of people who play them and commit crimes are slightly increasing, those violent video games have been rated in specific way. The first ever game to be rated this way was Mortal Kombat. It was one of the first ever games to have extreme graphic violence such, huge amounts of blood, people being ripped into half etc. The public found it so inappropriate that they rated it a Mature. It means the game is only to be purchased or played by a person who 17 or older. This is to stop anyone under that age from playing the game and having a bad influence. The ratings are as follows:

In the UK the games are being rated by PEGI. The ratings are as follows:

Ethical Issues in Video Games.

Year after year, new games are released with even more improved visuals and game play than the previous selection of video games. But, in some games, better visuals and game play isn’t the only thing to be added into the game. The game is also loaded with ethical issues. Here are some famous video games and the ethical issues that creep in them. Resident Evil 5 – High number of racial stereotyping and abuse: In the game, there features a white male killing black enemies, who lives in a small African village. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Prostitution, Drug dealing, Racist stereotyping: Including an African American person as the main character and the first mission being to steal a bike. Mortal Kombat – Extreme graphic violence

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