Legal Ethics Essay

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Legal Ethics

I. Lawyer and Society a. Observations i. Pursuant to rule 1.03, CPR, one defense counsel manifested to the honorable court that he does not wish to postpone the case again, the same having been previously postponed for four times already because of the prosecution’s failure to present their witness.

II. Lawyer and the Legal Profession b. Observations iii. Respect between defense counsels and fiscal iv. Address each other with respect v. Candid and Friendly vi. After hearing, counsels for accused approached prosecutor and bid their goodbyes, with laughs, as if they were really close friends vii. Pursuant to canon 8, fiscal and defense counsel (female), during their direct and cross examinations, respectively, never used offensive language whenever they have objections during the examination of the witnesses.

III. Lawyer and Courts

c. Observations viii. Treat Personnel with respect ix. No sign of any disgust or disrespect to Judge Danilo Galvez, despite approval of the latter of postponement of his case. x. Pursuant to 10.03, procedure, there was no showing that any of the lawyers violated any procedural rules of the court. xi. Pursuant to canon 11 and the rules thereof, all lawyers punctually appeared at their respective hearings; they were all properly attired when they came to court; and no offensive or menacing language were used, especially in one particular case where there was a direct and cross examinations xii. Pursuant to rule 12.07, during the cross examination of attorney of the witness of the fiscal, she never, even for once, harassed the witness. She addressed her questions to him very calmly and respectfully. xiii.

IV. Lawyer and Client d. Observations xiv. In one case, the counsel for the defense manifested that if it be okay with the honorable judge and the court that the trial so proceed because the same has been postponed 4 times already; but prosecutor insisted for the postponement and reassured the court that on the next hearing they will be able to present their witness; judge granted postponement, “in the interest of justice” xv. In another case, the prosecutor objected to the manifestation by the opposing counsel to dismiss the case; the reason for the proposed dismissal was because the prosecutor was not present at the last hearing; the reason for the objection was that the counsel looking to dismiss the case was also absent the previous hearing; judge said that both of you have been absent in one of the hearings, in the interest of justice, case will be postponed and will resume.

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