Legal and ethical issues Essay

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Legal and ethical issues

I will explain the legal and ethical issues relating to the use of business information. I will try to obtain ASDA’s policies on ethical issues in relation to business information and explain how they comply with their legal obligations.

Asda aswell as many other businesses store and use information about the general public. To help protect business information there are laws made that a business has to follow. There is a Data protection act (1998) that was made to ensure information was protected. This meant that any information stored by a business must be, obtained lawfully, used only for the purposes stated during collection, accurate and up to date, etc. Asda – “Our Privacy Mission Statement”

“At Asda, we value the trust placed in us by customers, suppliers and colleagues who give us their personal data. Data security is one of our highest priorities and we aim to be as clear as possible about what we do with personal data and why we do it.” Asda ensures their customers on their website (asda/ that our information is secured. They explain what they use and do with your private details.They also offer people the opportunity yo change their registration details. Asda explain how the address of the customer is only used for delievery purposes only and no reason other than that; Your date of birth is given to provide proof to asda that you are at the age to pruchase certain items such as, alchol or insurance.

Ethical issues within a business are moral principles concerning acceptable and unacceptable behaviour within a working environment. Asdas Ethics statement “Our corporate ethical responsibilitiy is to ensure George is recognised by customers and colleagues as a trusted and innovate leader in the field of ethical sourcing and enviromental protection and over the last two years we are focused on 3 main areas: Ethical, sustainable packaging and recycling Etical code

At george we are founded members of the ethical trade initative (ETI) and use this as a starting point for our ethical standards. Over the past 10 years ASDA?George has worked hard to promote the welfare of workers in the countries from which we have source.” Asda explain that ETI is the Base code, which addresses such points as child labour, forced labour, working hours, freedom of association and living wage). All sites that want to produce for Asda/George, will recieve an initial audit. This will help george decided if the site is good for use.

If the site is voted green and there are no issues found the site will not be revisted for the minimum of 2 years, if the sire is given yellow this would mean there are minimal issues within the site and are given an action plan for a years time. Orange or (most cases) Red there are major violations occulation child labour, the site will have a 30 day appeal, before being delisted. Recycling

Asda aim to ensure their george departments are zero waste. They aim to do this by either selling all stock to customers, and any damaged and recycable clothing to the New Life Foundation. Also Asda give any undamaged and un-sold stock to the salvation army.

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