Lecture 8: Ancient Greece Essay

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Lecture 8: Ancient Greece

The Island of Santorini (location of one of the outposts) – Eruption ca 1470 BC Thera – Minoan colony. Eruption sent a massive tsunami to Crete (evidence of destruction on the sea-coast) Volcanic ash preserved a lot of the Minoan artifacts (houses, objects etc.) Minoan houses; rain led to collapse of the rooftops

The Palace of Knossos or… The Palace of Minos (ca. 1900-1100 BC) Social hierarchies develop which led to extravagant palaces The palace had places for ceremonial functions, manufacturing of products (metals); served as the political capital for these small states; had storage spaces (palace collected tax from surrounding country side) – comes in form of agricultural stuff The Central Courtyard at Knossos

Bull leaping took place in these courtyards (ceremonial event (?)) Bulls = important in a religious context (connection to religion) Emphasized on the community
Frescoes = painting on walls (individuals sitting watching people dance within these large places) Could be meeting places for events like dancing
Lavish building: well-cut stones; well-constructed buildings; highly decorated The Minoans like to depict scenes of nature in art; (marine fresco = dolphin fresco) In storage spaces: grain, wine, olive oil

Mount Juktas- A Minoan Peak Sanctuary
Minoans didn’t worship in temples but in shrines on high mountain peaks (Peak Sactuaries) Communicated with Gods (the peaks are higher to the Gods)
Large, open-air, high spaces
Each palace have a peak sanctuary and can be seen from the courtyard Minoan Writing
1) Pictographs- pictures representing various things (ex. The Phaistos Disk – in spirals) 2) Hieroglyphs- 1700-1600 BC- Minoans somehow adopted Egyptian idea 3) Linear A (syllabic + ideograms)- consists of various inscriptions all made by a line Undeciphered; therefore we have no idea what language they spoke Documented from what were in the storages

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