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I think you may be in the situation that you have visited Orlando and the Walt Disney World and your time is out and you have to return back to your home town. Frankly speaking, everybody knows that any trips once come to an end. The joys, leisure and relaxations within a magical theme park have finished and there is no way other than dealing with the fact. Maybe this can be hard for someone. This article tries to suggest some approaches to help you deal with this situation, prepare yourself for returning home and of course remembering the good moments spent at Walt Disney World.


The fireworks have faded. Magical mountains have been conquered, and the heroes have won the day. You’ve danced, you’ve dined, you’ve dreamed, and your Walt Disney World vacation has come to its close.

It starts slowly—a looming cloud of melancholy hovering in the blue Florida sky above the Magical Express.

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You find yourself restlessly checking My Disney Experience. You know you don’t need another Fastpass+ reservation—but who knows? What if your plane gets delayed? Maybe you should check dining reservations too. There was that one restaurant you forgot to eat at. A slow twitch works its way into your fingers, your toes, your eyes.

We all expect the conclusion of a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth to be a little depressing, but many guests are utterly unprepared for the intensity of Walt Disney World vacation withdrawals.

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The hours and days after a successful trip can feel like a roller coaster of emotion. After all, you did just spend a whole week on the equivalent of a steady endorphin drip courtesy of Mickey Mouse.

What’s a Disneyphile to do? Here are a few tricks to help you cope with and overcome Walt Disney World withdrawals.

1. Relish your trip photos and videos

Slowly weaning off the magic is probably the best solution for WDWithdrawals. One of the easiest ways to start the process is spend some time enjoying your trip photos and videos. We often recommend bringing a headphones splitter (like this snazzy one with six ports) for passing time in lines, but it’s also a great tool for families who want to watch footage from the vacation together. This is especially nice for kids!

You don’t need to just stare longingly at your photos. Use the days following your vacation to get your photos and videos in order. Delete duplicates and make sure your favorites are backed up to the cloud. Pick up some great video clips during your vacation? You don’t need a film school degree to make seriously sharp home videos anymore. Many tech-savvy teens can clip together YouTube-worthy video compilations using nothing but a cell phone or tablet.

Instagram filters are a great tool if you want a simple way to take your photos to the next level. Have tons to choose from? Take on Disneygramming as a hobby—starting a Disney-specific Instagram account to share with friends, family, and the world.

2. Shamelessly soak in ride footage, attraction audio, and Google Earth

Missing your favorite rides? It is now easier than ever to relive your favorite moments from Walt Disney World vacations. I would be surprised if there was a single ride from Disney present or past that you couldn’t find a ride video for on YouTube. Just do a search for the ride name and enjoy!

Ambient music and attraction audio are just as easy to find. Once again, YouTube is your friend, as is Spotify. There are entire playlists of background music from throughout the parks you can listen to any time you like. I will admit that I usually listen to one of these playlists whenever I write an article for Theme Park Tourist.

Really want to revisit the magic as if you were actually there? Google Street View recently released a number of new galleries, maps, and 360 degree panorama photos for virtual touring Walt Disney World. If you have Google Cardboard or an Oculus VR rig, there are even a number of videos and Walt Disney World VR experiences you can try. Pretty cool!

3. Have a Disney magic night

There’s no need to cut off the pixie dust cold turkey as soon as you get home. Are dad and the kids moping around like Eeyore and Ms. Sadness? Plan a Disney magic night!

The possibilities are endless for how you can do this, but an easy suggestion is to have a Disney movie marathon. Maybe you’re a fan of the classics? Consider a family tour of Disney’s Golden Age of Animation. Maybe you’re in the mood to take on the entire Pirates of the Caribbean series or have your own Pixar fest. Even a Star Wars marathon is technically a cure for the Disney shakes now.

Don’t stop there. Home chef Disneyphiles have posted hundreds of recipes online for replicating your favorite Disney dishes at home, from Mickey Mouse waffles to DIY Dole Whip. Bring the family in on the fun and cook an entire Disney themed meal together. Oh, and you know how only kids can wear costumes at Walt Disney World? There’s no need to Disneybound at home unless you want to. Have a family costume party to enjoy your Disney magic night!

4. Start planning your next trip

It goes without saying that the first thing most of us want to do when we leave Walt Disney World is figure out how quickly we can get back. There’s nothing wrong with taking some preliminary steps to plan your next Walt Disney World vacation while the magic is still fresh.

Emotions are high after a Disney visit, so a few boundaries are probably wise before you make any official trip plans. It can be tempting to hop straight onto Disney’s website, shout “TAKE MY MONEY!”, and slap a credit card down with abandon. For most families, restraint is wise during this stage. A headfirst dive into crippling debt is not a magical conclusion for your vacation, so be wary.

Most of us probably don’t have the financial means to plan a second Walt Disney World vacation right after the first one (if you do, more power to you!). Instead of impulse-reserving your next trip, take your time with planning. Peruse some articles here on Theme Park Tourist to scratch your Disney itch. Start exploring which resorts, restaurants, and attractions you’d like to visit that maybe you missed. Come up with a solid savings plan and put it into effect so you’ll be able to book that next vacation with financial freedom. You’ll be there before you know it!

5. Multiply the magic

There is one tool more important than any other for recovering from Walt Disney World withdrawals, and it’s not one everyone might expect.

It may sound a little sappy, but the truth is that the best way to recover from the Disney shakes is to embrace fresh joy, gratitude, and generosity in your day to day life. An easy first step is start a gratitude journal and list three things you’re thankful for every day. There may be a lot of Disney memories in there immediately after your trip, but if you keep the habit up, you’ll find you’ll start noticing day to day life might look a little brighter.

Find opportunities to live generously, volunteer, or support a cause. Right after a vacation, it’s easy to get caught up in our own frustration or for life to seem dull in comparison to the fantastically vibrant world of Disney. When we turn our eyes outward, we can become the ones sharing a little bit of the magic with others. Leave that waitress a big tip. Buy your daughter a surprise banana split the size of her head. Watch the lady next door light up when you offer to mow her lawn. Cherish your loved ones, make new memories, and plan your next adventure.

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