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My Personal Goals And Expectation As A Student

...In my personal life, I realize I must make many sacrifices. The time I must invest in obtaining a degree will require I give up the very little free time I currently enjoy with my family. My work schedule is extremely full now and leaves very little time with my family. Taking classes will totally eliminate any time I had to spend with them, but they are very supportive and understand the rewards we will all reap from this undertaking. I'm doing this for all of us, as I know the personal and pro...

The Value of Commerce Education

...The schools Commerce subject also aims to create awareness of the values and attitudes associated with being a responsible citizen. It encourages them to "value and appreciate ethical and socially responsible behaviour in relation to personal decision-making, business practices, employment and legal issues" (Board of Studies, NSW, 2003). It also informs students of the "fundamental rights, rules and laws that promote fairness, justice and equity in our society through responsible and active citi...

Biographical Essay Work History

...For more than fifteen years I have instructed fitness classes. Teaching these classes has strengthened my ability to work in a service-oriented job allowing me to establish a good relationship with the participants in my classes. It has been my responsibility to produce a safe class that is enjoyable, and productive. My classes have varied in participants including a senior's aerobics class and a kid's movement class. Teaching gymnastics to preschool aged kids was the most rewarding experience I...

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"Rolls for the Czar" by R. Kinkead

...In our world today, people tend to associate intelligence with book smarts. In "What is Intelligence, Anyway?" the author displays book smarts. He tells that when he took an aptitude test in the army he scored extremely well and says: "they made a big fuss over me." While the normal score for the test was about 100, Asimov scored a grand total of 160! Today's society assumes that if you do well on such standardized tests then you must be smart. In his article, Asimov points out that perhaps ther...

Is Experience the Best Teacher?

...Being inspired by an "outsourcing" lesson in my economics class I talked to my partner about the possibilities of producing the shirts outside of the capital, where labor and production was cheaper, in order to increase profits. We did just that and in 6 weeks we produced all the t-shirts at half the price than before. We had to work harder since we were the ones organizing and transporting them. After a lot of hard work and effort, those t-shirts were all sold, we were paid and we realized that...

Resposibilities and Relationships in the Lifelong Learning Sector

...iii) It is important to develop a good rapport with the students as this creates a more positive attitude towards the teacher and to learning. It will also turn the classroom into a co-operative team and reduce antagonism. Get to know the students on a personal level, learn their names and use them. Learn something about each student like what they like to do in their spare time, their hobbies, interests or work and refer to it in conversation. These small details will make the students feel not...

Need and Everyday Life

...We do find that some of our clients become distressed during activities due to the nature of their problems. We can take a number of actions if this does occur We can offer reassurance to the person, communicating is important explaining that you understand and that they are safe. Praise their achievements in the task they are completing. We also have people on hand that can advise or assist in these situations. They one thing we always do is make sure the client is safe. We can also suggest to ...

The Acorn People by Ron Jones

...As for Benny B the fast and determined one, and spider who doesnt have any legs or arms but sure does have a talkative mouth, then there is Thomas Stewart the less active one from the group maybe because he has muscular scleroses, Martin was the most able child in the group he is blind but still seemed to navigate himself like a ship, last but not least as the grouped called him Arid because of his smell he had he would be called that Arid Aron Gerwalski it wasnt his fault for smelling that way ...

Anticipatory Socialization In Work

...Recent research on young fishermen has revealed that anticipatory socialization begins very early in that occupation (Maiolo and Bort, 1980). Many adult fishermen do not want their children to fish for a living. Still, a sizable proportion of sons do follow in their fathers' footsteps. As the youngsters accompany adult fishermen, they learn the special techniques of caring for gear and setting traps and nets. They begin to learn the language of predicting harvest levels and where the most produc...

Ptlls 008 Roles, Responsibilities

...For example if my computer projector broke down I would ask a technician to repair it. They would have both the expertise and health and safety knowledge to complete the task. Thirdly within the busy life of a classroom it is not always possible to meet the specific needs of the learner whether this is in respect of key skills, language barriers or personal problems. In any of the incidents it would be appropriate for me to refer them to another professional. The key is always to support the lea...

Benefits of Apprenticeship

...During the period of my apprenticeship, I am able to observe how they interacted with one another and how they completed the tasks assigned to them. Indeed, my apprenticeship experience is a valuable phase in my life as a learner. It provided me with three important benefits. The benefits include the first-hand experience in practical situations, the ability to identify the possible processes that could take place in the workplace setting, and acquisition of knowledge from the professionals whom...

Psychology of Personality

...Lopez, Shane J. & Snyder, C. R. & Rasmussen, Heather N. (2003). Striking a vital balance: Developing a complementary focus on human weakness and strength through positive psychological assessment. Positive Psychological Assessment: A handbook of models and measures. 2003, pp. 3-20Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (2006). Improve. Retrieved March 6, 2006, from http://www.webster.com/dictionary/improveWatson, Liana (2004). Self-leadership: Becoming an Exceptional Leader. Radiologi Technolo...

Gene Kranz

...Gene Kranz is an important character from Apollo 13 because the director uses him to teach me lessons about being able to think calmly in tough situations like an anchor in a storm and that to never be scared of failure and give up. These ideas are also importa nt to my own life because there may be a lot of tough situations coming up in my life, which may only be solved only if I don't get scared and think calmly. If I get scared of failure and back off my life would end being a regrettable one...

Essay on “Me talk pretty one day”

...He had lost all hope in ever improving in this class but now he had. He becomes curious and it gives him the lust for learning back. He ends the essay with the sentence: “Talk me more, you, plus, please, plus” (p. 3, l 128). This shows us that he wants to learn and he does not care if the teacher insults him, he just wants to hear the language and learn from it. David Sedaris’ essay shows that to learn a new language you need to learn the culture around it and you have to feel at home in t...

Translator As My Dream Job

...????My dream is to become a successful doctor, helping those sick people and saving their lives. I hope everyone can have an opportunity to receive excellent treatments for their illnesses without having to pay much or just enjoy them free. Of course, I know to achieve my dream , there is a long way to go. I need enough knowledge and experience, so working hard in school will promote me to be a professional doctor. Now everything I do is close to my dream. I feel life is filled with hope and is ...

The Anti-Content Mindset

...The responsibility doesn’t end with the teachers however as children should also understand the importance of learning. With the wealth of information and the “power of modern technology”, the shared tradition of knowledge can be strengthened and improved for the benefit of not only the future students but of the whole nation as well. References: Quirk, Bill (2005) The Anti-Content Mindset: The Root Cause of the “Math Wars” retrieved on November 30, 2006 from, http://www. wgquirk. com/...

Luck has nothing to do with success

...However, I know that academic learning is the most important task of students in college.But I think it can not bring students communication and physical fitness never be a university recognized by most people school. Such schools are not conformed with the current wave of social development and age. In fact, almost all famous universities have plenty of sports teams and social groups, and universities provide adequate financial support with these events. None of these universities have weakene...

Bonehead Writing Discussion

...Undeniably, it is through this approach that he has been able to involve the readers directly within the issue. More over, the matter is likely considered as one of the major issues that are related with writing competencies of individuals today. Understandably, although Vetter points put that writing is teachable in a more ironical presentation, he wants to point out that such teaching could only be victoriously accepted if everyone concerned would be awakened to consider the truths and benefit...

Six Facets of Understanding

...To explain more clearly; learning to practice scales with both hands and to have both the right and left hand smoothly play octave scales in different keys is at first difficult and the learner makes clumsy attempts finding it hard to believe that they will be able to duplicate the teacher’s playing of scales however, the teacher remembers this feeling of frustration and empathetically shares that story with the learner who is then inspired to believe that the learning is attainable with pract...

Studying locally and studying abroad

...There are possibilities to be influenced by the western culture and lose certain local cultural values if they pursue their studies in overseas.When they are come back to Malaysia they might oppose family customs and traditions which may lead to family fights,conflicts and unity disintegrates.This because,after years of studying abroad,the family relationship no longer the same and lack of parental guidance which make them easily fall prey to peer influence.Even worse,some of them do not return ...

Types of teaching aids

...Teaching aids are an integral component in any classroom. The many benefits of teaching aids include helping learners improve reading comprehension skills, illustrating or reinforcing a skill or concept, differentiating instruction and relieving anxiety or boredom by presenting information in a new and exciting way. Teaching aids also engage students' other senses since there are no limits in what aids can be utilized when supplementing a lesson. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/about_6365616_teac...

Annual Accomplishment Report

...Some of the learner especially adult learners are affected with their life problems and insecurities. They have their minds on so many things about their family life. The fact that they belong to indigent population attending classes at their age is no longer their top priority considering their economic status. Adult learners are often worried since they haven't been in school for such a long time. Being the ALS Implementer, counseling, individualized attention, and plenty of encouragement help...

Cursive Writing

...Language by hand: A synthesis of a decade of research on handwriting. Handwriting Review, 12, 11-25. Connelly, V. , Dockrell, J. , & Barnett, J. (2005). The slow handwriting of undergraduate students constrains overall performance in exam essays. Educational Psychology, 25, 99-107. Edwards, L. (2003). Writing instruction in kindergarten: Examining an emerging area of research for children with writing and reading difficulties. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 36, 136. Zaner-Bloser, Inc. htt...

Academic Success

...It will help me succeed in my dream of graduating and becoming a substance abuse counselor.I've never been very good at setting goals properly in the past,or managing my time wisely.Now,after I have read the chapter on the subject,I have learned ways of becoming more efficient with my time. Having goals in life is something everyone needs. Goals give you hope,and something to look forward to.Learning to make the most of your time will help you achieve these goals and make you a more productive p...

Independent Learning

...Ictnz.com. 2013. What are the sklls of an independent learner? [Online] Available at: http://ictnz.com/Inquiry%20Learning/independent%20learning%20skills.htm [Accessed: 25 Sep 2013]. Michie, J. 2013. What is Independent Learning? [Online] Available at: http://jamesmichie.com/blog/2011/10/what-is-independent-learning/ [Accessed: 24 Sep 2013]. Moore, M. 1973. Toward a theory of independent learning and teaching. The Journal of Higher Education, pp. 661--679. The Higher education academy. 2013. Unt...

Never Too Late To Learn

...In the process of learning about what I came to school to study, I’m finding a wealth of knowledge that I didn’t expect. I am finding out things about myself, such as the fact that I’m actually good at math, if I study, and that I truly enjoy the process of learning. I’m also finding out things about the people in my life, those who will support and encourage me to try something challenging and those that will try to discourage me. In addition to this, I’m meeting new people and making...

Observation Paper

...All theories support the research and observations of great psychologists such as Piaget and Vygotsky; after carrying out my own personal observation I have taken minor steps on the ongoing path these psychologists have traveled on and contributed personally to the persistent development of child development as a whole. All in all, Wiley Mildred Family Day Care Center was a demonstrative, cultivating environment that is a prime environment for a child to grow and develop with other individuals a...

Role of Teacher

...It’s not one quality that sets a good teacher apart from another, but a number of qualities working together that create the right experience. When looking at the list in section 1.2, all of these are qualities of a good teacher. However, the number of qualities that make a great teacher is far too long to list. It’s instead, how well the teacher uses each of these qualities cohesively in and outside the classroom environment. These qualities include patience, approachability, confidence, aw...

Bloom's Taxonomy of Education

...For example, the learner is able to detect the proper site for finger stick blood sugar testing, is able to withdraw an accurate dose of insulin with a syringe from a multi-dose vial, and is able to adjust glucose dosage to restore safe blood sugar level. In conclusion, many students are not taught to use critical thinking in contrast Blooms Taxonomy helps students including registered nurses to use higher level of thinking to improve learning. As registered nurses, we are life-long educators to...

Continuing Academic Success

...In conclusion, the information obtained and lessons learned in this course have given me a boost of confidence in my critical thinking, reading and writing skills. I feel comfortable in continuing my academic success with this knowledge. I feel as though I have accomplished great things in these past five weeks and will continue to move forward. The University has given me the desire to continue the achievements in my educational career by showing me the proper approach of getting the job done c...

Create and maintain a safe environment

...He also explained that he suffered from depression and although it was currently under control with his medication he had relapsed. He also explained to me that he had been threatened with a disciplinary and had come on to the course under duress. I then explained that he was free to go home and I was going to have a meeting with his manager to try and rectify the situation. When I spoke to the manager we arranged to facilitate the same training for this individual in a smaller session where he ...

?Studying Abroad Persuasive Speech Outline

.... Here are some tips that you can follow on slide 6 here. D. Try to picture a world where people are not allowed to leave the country that they are born in. Imagine the consequences we would face if we ignored the world around us. Lack of knowledge and understanding of other cultures could lead to disaster. Every culture benefits from the values, beliefs, traditions, and experiences of other cultures. The world is a better place when there is understanding among different cultures. Therefore, if...

Promote professional Development

...•From customers family and friends – These are the people that know the customers the best and although we as an organisation may do things one way they can advise that this may work a different way for their loved ones. I need to learn to use my reflective practice to adapt and learn new ways. Some of the outcomes in using reflective practice may include making changes to my personal opinions or attitudes, undertaking further training to learn new ways of working or to understand a topic be...

Language diversity

...And there are many advantages to having a family that is multicultural too. In response to any bias they may face from outsiders, probabilities are that a family that is multicultural will be a very close one with the children feeling very supported by their parents. Children from these homes are taught acceptance and tolerance of differences. Research shows that children who grow up in a multi-lingual home develop the ability to be flexible in their thinking abilities, probably as a result of r...

Barriers Of Critical Thinking

...Stubbornness: Overcoming stubbornness in critical thinking is being able to accept another person opinion also being open to changes. Not always thinking about what’s in it for me stop always saying I can’t or I want just because a change may come. Being able to think of change in a positive way in everyday living there is always change some we may like some we may not however as a human being you have to be able to accept and live with change. Employers have constant change and as an employ...

Teaching Critical Awareness

...This provides the students with skills necessary to deal with contemporary social issues (Jane, pp. 253). Because of the various elements in the different types of teachings, they are supposed to be combined together for one to achieve maximum results. Self-learning, passive, active and collective learning have a part to play and therefore should be integrated. Works cited Jane, Mayer. Teaching critical awareness in an introductory course. Teaching sociology, vol. 14, No. 4(Oct. 1986), pp. 249-2...

High School Life

...They say HIGH SCHOOL is the best part of growing up and being a teenager. It is where we can experience things, which we thought we can never make or do. It is where we discover and learn things in our own and it is where we learn to become independent. In my four years of studying here, I discovered that there is more to life than what we had imagined. I am able to learn many things based on what my teachers had taught me and based on my own experiences. I am able to know and to be acquainted w...

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

... I believe that anyone, including someone with a fixed mindset, can develop a growth mindset. All it takes is the right person with the right influence- whether it be a math teacher and an article he hands out on the first day of class. Or maybe it’s a basketball coach who instills in a player that practice makes perfect and ensures him that success isn’t handed to anyone; even Michael Jordan had to work hard. I, myself, have a growth mindset. Over the last 3-4 years I have made major chang...

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