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Essay on Learning

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Continuing Academic Success

...“The study explored how religious influence affects academic achievement among black students. On a basic level this study found that all students participated in more religious activities and who had stronger religious convictions were more likely to report higher grades in school. The study does not determine that religion leads to higher grades.” The Ethical Lens Inventory make me aware of the fact that when I don’t have the information I need I’m tempted to excuse myself from followi...

UC Essay Prompt

...All of these skills that I learn at band camp will not only help me when playing with a band or orchestra, but in all areas of my life. What I learn at band camp can’t be learned in my high school band. At high school, most of the people aren’t committed to making music, they take band because it’s an easy class to get a good grade in, their parents made them take it, it looks good for college, especially if they started in sixth or seventh grade, they can screw around with their friends d...

Brainology Essay

...After reading this article, I’ve learned that it’s better to have a growth mindset because the more I challenge myself to grow with intelligence the more chances I will have of becoming successful. I always knew that it was important to learn and never give up but I never took it serious. I now see the importance of never giving up. I feel like now I can motivate myself to keep going no matter how tough things get and to always accept in any challenge in my classes because that’s the only ...

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Aspiring Education

...The three authors showed the different essential sides of education. Education is intensely vital; it can robustly provide one with opportunities, ultimately save one from a life of misery, and mightily free those who are discreet. In this quote, Carl Rogers said, “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn.” Carl conveys that if you know how to listen, speak, read, and learned how to learn it means that you are an educated person. He also interprets that you wi...

Goals and Expectations Essay

...I decided to take biology because I’m not good at physics at all and math has never been my strength. On the other side I’ve always been good in biology and I find it easier to learn and understand than physics. I believe I would define successful completion of this class if I finish the year with a good grade and good understanding of material learned during the year. I will achieve my definition of success by just giving my best and not giving up and always staying positive and strong. I d...

Human Relations

...I could improve my effectiveness as a team player by being a more active listener, consistently (i.e., listening attentively to everyone’s contribution instead of periodically “zoning out” when a certain person is speaking). I could also initiate, as the team members meet for the first time, sharing of each individual’s preferred gender pronouns – if PGPs are uniformly shared at the outset, and this creates a safe atmosphere and dynamic for any gender-nonconforming individuals in the t...

Growth Mindset

...Effective teaching and learning begins with the needs to the adolescent learners and have a good understanding of their development stages Connect the learning in math to the lives of the students (having rich meaningful tasks that connect to real-life contexts) Ensuring they have a strong conceptual foundations to be able to apply their knowledge and continue their learning Instructional learning strategies empahisize problem solving and building and one’s own understandings To improve studen...

Support Positive Behaviour Outcome Two

...Apply skills and techniques for supporting and encouraging children and young people’s positive behaviour. I find staying calm and talking clearly to the children helps to encourage the positive behaviour. I also find distraction techniques work well in the nursery setting. For example, one child wanting a toy another child is playing with; I very often can talk them into either playing with another toy or moving them to another area of the nursery to a different activity. Rewarding them with ...

Real education outside the class

...As chaotic as things may appear, there is a purpose, there is a plan. People have meaning, past events have meaning, present events have meaning, and future events will have meaning. Christ has died to give us salvation, and He has risen from the dead to give us hope for the present and the future. A student whose mind is infused with meaning will be able to handle the despair around him, and he can share his secure hope in the midst of such despair. Sixth, the student should be guided to think ...

Personal Statement CELTA TBI

...For the distance learning Diploma, it was essential to organise and manage my time productively, to ensure sufficient researching, planning and writing time were allocated accordingly, enabling me to complete each of the necessary components on schedule. Throughout my time at both University and College, I was a member of the student representative committees, liaising between the student body and departmental teams. This has helped me gain confidence and familiarity when dealing with my peers a...

The Purpose of Education

...Be polite and good manners when you are a kid, practicing good manners is a way to be respectful of other people. These customs function as a way to keep society running smoothly. Education helps students know, care about, and act on core ethical values such as fairness, honesty, compassion, responsibility, and respect others. Students will study and discuss core ethical values Education is important for everyone. The role of education is to prepare students for college, prepare for work and hel...

Children's Responses to Own Practice

...While I could understand her frustration at being delayed I could also see the benefits to the EMA class of using the hall. It provided the children with opportunities to do exercises that couldn’t be done in standard classroom. I could also tell that they really enjoyed working in the space. The discussion between the teachers became slightly heated and I could see that there was tension. In order to resolve the conflict I suggested we carry out the activities that require the white board ea...

Diploma in Leadership for Health

...One personal example of using reflective practice to improve my performance came to me only recently. Up until a few weeks ago I was job sharing my team leader role with another member of my team. I found it very difficult to voice my opinions and always felt as if delegating wasn’t working. All shared responsibility on her side was more often left incomplete and as you can see I was feeling very annoyed and upset about this due to the feeling I was letting the remainder of my team down. After...

Rationale Scheme of Work

...Reece & Walker (2006) suggests that the negotiating process should be modelled in five stages. The first is preparing for negotiation which is being aware of what the student needs to achieve, the second stage consist of the first session with the learner where a good rapport needs to be made with the learner. Then follows the contract part where actual SMART targets are agreed. These I will incorporate into the Aims and Objectives. The last two stages are the monitoring learning which will ...

Preschool Graduation Speech

...Thank you all for coming on this special day to celebrate the graduation of the Pre-K “Rockstars” class of 2011. This is a monumental occasion in the lives of our children. It is also a time to recognize the outstanding work and support of all the staff here, the parents, and most of all the students. Just looking around at the smiling faces says so much about the culture here at our school. Each morning, my heart just melts, when I see those smiling faces that are followed by their warm emb...

Goals for Chefs

...Without it, how could anything else I wish to attain with my life become possible? Without knowledge and experience, how am I supposed to compete with highly trained chefs for jobs in such a competitive industry? Teaching yourself can only get you so far. I yearn for the knowledge about not only classical but modern techniques I could never figure out all on my own. Before my goal of becoming a great pastry chef can come to be, I must satisfy my wishes and goals to learn all I can. My goals to m...

Bruces 10 Principles

...This essay has looked at how Tina Bruce’s Ten Bedrock Principles have influenced the core value statements in Ireland. It has shown that even though the wording may differ in both, they both see the child as being an active learner and having the right to make decisions and errors. All learning in the early childhood care and education sector in Ireland should be child centred. Both the core value statement and Bruce’s ten principles see others including parents, guardians and family as help...

Self Assessment Paper

...I am really passionate about mental health and human services, specifically the human mind and mental disorders. I have done previous research for my Masters on consumer participation in mental health treatment plans and the outcomes of their input in the decision making process in their treatment goals. Areas that I am looking to explore are comparing the effectiveness of various pharmacologic treatment and behavioral interventions in managing major depressive disorders among adolescents and a...

Identify Four Possible Consequences

...4. Competency list should be a comprehensive list of the steps required and the level to which they must be performed. For example, place one level scoop of washing powder into the middle compartment of the washing machine dispenser. Activities selected for inclusion in the learning plan should reflect the prior knowledge of the learner, the nature of the task and the most appropriate method. For examle, doing the laundry could be taught through demonstration and verbal instruction. 5. Consulta...

?Competency Statement

...I provide an environment that promotes optimal learning by using my weekly lesson plan, which provides a variety of experiences and focuses on seven developmental domains while incorporating my centers curriculum. My lesson plan shows that all areas of development and learning are important. I adjust my lesson plans based on the fact that learning proceeds at varying rates. My lesson plan is developed based on the belief that children learn in a variety of ways, and their experiences shape their...

Summarise Learning And Teaching Strategies

...I encourage this feedback to be sent to my line manager and then forwarded to me to encourage honesty. I will also self-evaluate, reflect and improve based on learner’s feedback and self-evaluation. Feedback is essential in my field of teaching to ensure my learners meet the criteria and course objectives so ultimately they can provide the best patient care possible. So after my learner has treated a patient, regardless of outcome they will know they have done everything they could have done f...

Appropriate behaviour

...All students will be involved in activities which may see them working in pair or groups, promoting socialization, tolerance, equality and valuing diversity. ‘’A suitable learning environment is crucial for effective learning to take place. This involves not only the venue and resources used, but also your attitude and the support you give to your students’’ ( Gravells A. 2012, pg 24). Delivering lessons with passion can help to motivate learners, however making sure the environment is c...

Continuing academic success

...Integrity is a big part of college and writing papers, whenever you use sources you have to give credit where credit is due. Finally in all reality anyone can continue academic success. By setting goals and using your learning styles to learn and figure out how you comprehend information. You will be able to learn any material given to you. Learning the writing process and your ethical lens to succeed in life, college, and your career while improving your critical thinking skills to help you ba...

Industrial Training Report

...Furthermore, I also need to be initiative and independent in my work in company. When working, I had been given a few tasks or assignment to do. I been trained to done my job independently without any friend’s help. This made me become more initiative and able to make my own decision in doing my work. If got any problem not understand, I also need to be initiative enough to ask my colleague or supervisor for guidance. When I am free at work, I also will find something to do on my own; either s...

The Importance Of Formal And Informal Education

..."Street smart" means that the child will obtain the knowledge and skills to survive by his/her self in society. Informal education is important because it helps people increase their knowledge and understanding of the world. Education helps people acquire skills that make their lives more interesting and enjoyable. Both ways of education are important to a child's development. Each type of education helps in its own unique way. All children should be educated by using both types of education....

Studying abroad

...The first reason for studying abroad is for learning. However you can argue that students also can study in their own countries. The fact is that studying abroad is effective way to learn the quintessence of advanced countries and learning the experiences of these countries. It is true that one country which wants to develop must learn experiences of countries especially advanced countries. That is why the great emperor of Russia in the 17th centrery Pitrot had gone to the Nertherlands to work a...

"The Role of the teacher" by Irving layton

...Students and teachers are the major factors that affect the improper development of a students mind. The education system and society does have an effect, but a very small one. Students have the power to be educated; it is their choice of whether they want to learn or not. Teachers' need to be intellectual and have that urge that makes them want to teach. They need to more than just the textbook to help aid a student in life. A students educational success lies in the hands of themselves and the...

My Learning Profile

...In conclusion, I have discussed the importance of identifying one's personal learning profile. This profile varies from individual to individual. However, everyone possesses and needs a learning profile. Researching this paper, I have discovered how my brain prefers to process new material, which modes and media of instruction suits me best, and which times of learning I am more receptive to. I have acquired an awareness of myself as a learner, which is the first prerequisite of Peak Learning....

Successful and Unsuccessful Learning Experiences

...I don't feel that getting my brothers to teach me was ever going to work, unlike the skiing instructor's teaching techniques they just seemed to try and teach me because I asked. The skiing instructor really made me feel like that he wanted to teach even me more than I wanted to learn. This positive approach to teaching really worked for me. Also the fact he didn't know me seemed to help, whereas I found that people who do know you seem to lose their patience with you quicker. This experience al...

Critical Thinking: Nine Strategies for Everyday Life

...A student must lean how to turn these negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Only then will he/she be more productive in every aspect of their life. "Strategy #8: Get in Touch with Your Emotions" a student must turn negative emotions into positive (Paul and Elder, 2000, p.6). One good example is to try to find the humorous side of an occasion that might otherwise make you angry or upset (Paul and Elder, 2000). "Strategy #9: Analyze Group Influence on your Life" individuals tend to give in to ...

Personal goals and accomplishments

...An additional goal I hope to accomplish, while pursing my degree, is to master management skills. This is because in most organizations it is necessary to establish good management skills. This could reduce the possibility of a hostile work environment. It can be difficult at times to organize projects and trouble calls, because I would like to know how I should prioritize each assignment that has a deadline. Then there are those aggravating e-mails and how to respond to them. Therefore, my days...

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

...Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses are essential part of the overall learning processes. Just as we understand which methods and techniques help us to learn at an optimal level, understanding our strengths and weaknesses help us to become more self conscious and well-rounded individuals. I believe that life is our personal experiences and everyone has certain attributes with their personal strengths and weaknesses. . Being aware of what are my best strengths can help me overcome my wo...

American and Iranian educational system

...Furthermore, the last important difference between educational system in Iran and the USA is having several kinds of facilities in their schools. Iran is one of the countries that dose not have too many facilities for the students. Therefore, if students did not read the chapter that their teacher want to teach before the class, they may confront difficulty in understanding it. Nevertheless, in spite of having less facility in the schools in Iran, students improve their learning level by registe...

Computers and Education


My Ideal Job

...In addition, I think that the private secretary would be my ideal job through long studying and working. As the private secretary, I should help Director of Marketing to handle and answer his business correspondence, keep multifarious files and records of company, especially relating to some files and records of Director of Marketing, and take minutes of the meetings which is attended by him. Certainly, besides the salary, I expect to get some perks. For example, holidays and vacation time, Empl...

"Pankration": Nicasylus changes Throughout the Novel

...Nicasylus had to learn to fend for himself and be more self-relying. Whilst Nicasylus was sailing the Aegean Sea being held captive on the pirate ship, he had no-one to rely on, this was also the case when Nicasylus was sold as a slave and became a goat-herder The first months went past like a bad dream, Nic had not been brought up to clean, sweep, look after dirty animals or do any of the tasks he was set. Whilst Nicasylus was a goat-herder he had to fight a wolf and with help from another sla...

The advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

...On the other hand, going abroad to study has its own cons. Sometimes, if we don’t get a scholarship, studying abroad is very expensive. If we don’t know the language, there will be a huge language barrier. Thirdly, we have to adapt to a whole new environment on our own. We can easily feel lonely and homesick. If it gets worse, people will be racist because we’re Asian. Fourthly, some students might not be able to control themselves. They might skip classes, steal their parents’ money to ...

Culture Shock Among International Students

...“The Transitional Experience: An Alternative View of Culture Shock. ” Journal of Humanistic Psychology 1975: 13-23. Hofstede, G. H. Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind. New York: N. P. , 1997. Marx, E. Breaking through Culture Shock: What You Need to Succeed in International Business. London: N. P. , 1999. Oberg, K. “Cultural Shock: Adjustment to New Cultural Environments. ” Practical Anthropologist 1960, 175-182. Pedersen, P. The Five Stages of Culture Shock: Critical Incid...

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