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Don't Call Me Ishmael

Throughout Michael Gerard Bauer’s Don’t call me Ishmael, the author frequently displays the contrasts between the two characters Ishmael Leseur and James Scobie. The two characters help each other find themselves throughout the book. They teach many valuable lessons and prove to us that being yourself rules over all. Firstly, both Scobie and Leseur have lessons they can teach to all. However, I have extracted my most meaningful quotes and sayings from the book. Sayings that teach the most valuable…...

Delivering Lifelong Learning

Introduction. Knowing is a location of our lives that we all participate in from the time we are born to the time we pass away. Lifelong knowing is of essential importance for people of all ages with an abundance of benefits. Learning allows the individual to be better informed in every day life and for that reason the specific ends up being more active in and adds to society and this makes such person a much better resident. Long-lasting knowing…...

My Goal and Plans for the Children

To establish and main a safe, healthy learning environment I believe it is important to establish and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment by keeping my center and play ground area clean and free of the things that are harmful to my children. I believe the first steps to encourage learning is to keep a clean and safe environment, that my children’s minds will be stimulated and will meet there individual learning styles. My goal is to encourage my…...

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Provide Support to Maintain and Develop Skills for Everyday Life

1.1 A skill is simply something someone can do. There are various different means and methods to maintain the skills depending on the individual and the lives they wish to live. If it is to keep their home clean different methods such as signs with instructions on what needs to be done in each room, a Rota, or maybe even just being shown how to do the task at hand. If they are having difficulty with bathing they may need…...

Practical Life Exercises in Montessori

"If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them to advance on the way to independence. It must initiate them into those kinds of activities, which they can perform themselves. We must help them to learn how to walk without assistance, to run, to go up and down the stairs, to pick up fallen objects, to dress and undress, to wash themselves, to express their needs, and to attempt to satisfy their desires through their own…...

Social Control Theory vs. Social Learning Theory

Social Control Theory vs. Social Learning Theory Abstract Social control theory and social learning theory are two theories that suggest why deviant behavior is chosen to be acted upon by some individuals and not others. Both take a different stance on the issue. Social control theory suggests people’s behavior is based on their bonds to society, if they have strong bonds to society they conform and if not they have a tendency to act out or become involved in criminal…...

Planning Assessment

SUMMARISE KEY FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN PLANNING ASSESSMENT When planning assessment you need to gauge a clear idea of what level the candidate is at to see if they are ready to complete your planned assessment. There are many ways of achieving this knowledge. One method is observation in performance or another by taking an initial assessment test which have seven levels with the basic entry level 1 being the first. Once this knowledge has been gained, further knowledge is…...

Our Responsibility in Our Life

Since childhood, we have been taught about responsibility. Until there comes a time that we all have responsibilities that we must own up to. But, what we already have a sense of responsibility for all the things we have done? The answer is may be yes or may be no. So, what is the meaning of responsibility? Responsibility is the obligation/consequence to bear and do something that is given/assigned to everyone with awareness from ourselves. As a student, in order…...

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Modern Technology

Skills: Library resources and services The library at C.O.M Yap campus is a very important place where students could get help from when they really needed help on their assignments or anything they might want to know more about. It is a place where students could explore many things and learn about times in the past and could help in answering some mysterious questions that might occurred in their minds. Therefore, the library is offering resources and services in which…...

Understanding and Managing Behaviour in the Learning Environment

As teachers, we have a duty of care to understand and be aware of the current legislation that can have an influence on the management of behaviour in the learning environment. Managing behaviour is an area that can determine that all learners have the right to achieve; therefore, it is important that we understand the legal implications fully in an educational institute. Below is an example of these policies that are relevant to my own teaching. The Equality Act 2010…...

Study abroad or local university

As the names state, study abroad and study locally are marked by lots of differences between them. When a student wants to study abroad, he needs student visa or permission whereas study locally in local universities doesn’t need one. When a student wants to apply for study abroad, he may have to clear some tests require proving his eligibility to study abroad. Studying abroad can be very expensive as a student has to shell out visa fee, application fee, flight…...

Meanings of Intelligence and Adaptive Behavior

The learning of new information and the mental ability for an individual to apply reasoning or calculation and perception of relationships defines one’s intelligence. Retrieving and storing information in the general mental capacity, as well as adjusting to language fluency is also perceived as intelligence. So, intelligence is not only the learning and understanding of new information but it is the adaptation to that information being presented. The intellectual disability of a student is determined by the limitations the individual…...

City & Guilds

1.1Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice. New ways of working are always being developed so it is wise to attend and provide up-to-date learning opportunities for all staff. Also there can be changes to laws, legislation and policy so it is of great importance to make staff aware of these changes so they can reflect them in their practice. 1.2 Analyse potential barriers to professional development. Potential barriers of professional development can be: Not enough funding and…...

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools - Evidence Sheet

Risk Assessment What is a Hazard? How could you minimise it? (See attached mind map) Complete and attach 2 risk assessments one carried out as a class exercise the other one based on your class room / playground/ school hall/ school trip… Why is it important to take a balanced approach to risk management? It is important for all those who work with children and young people to take a balanced approach to risk management. Children should learn to be…...

The Social-Cognitive Perspective

The Social Cognitive Perspective is a psychological theory on personality founded by Albert Bandura that paved the way for Behaviorism. In short, the perspective basically states that we learn by observing others or conditioning and model our behaviors after those situations. Mental processes are also emphasized in this theory, hence the “cognitive” aspect. Bandura’s perspective focuses on how we interact with our environments and the events we experience. Several other theorists’ helped shape this theory into what is studied today.…...

Dorothy Livesay's poem "Experience"

Dorothy Livesay's poem "Experience" teaches that if one learns solely from outside sources, then one will never know what it is to feel independence and self-growth. By examining the authors personal experiences, the imagery, and the symbolism used the above statement will be proven true. Dorothy's personal life had a large influence on her opinion about independence and self-growth. Her lengthy career spanning over 5 decades, her involvement with politics and her general travelling not only across Canada but Paris…...

Guide to establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment

Functional Area 1: Safe I check the classroom and playground every morning to make sure there are no harmful or hazardous materials. I discard any broken materials immediately. I unstack chairs before children enter the room. I complete and maintain my face to name document at all times. During transitioning, I count every child and update my face to name, recording every transition and checking that every child transitioned safely twice. I keep all cleaning products out of reach. I…...

Science, Technology and Innovation: Working Together for Growth and Development

There are a lot of things that help people and the world to have a better future. And these things contribute towards the growth and development of youth to have a better life. Do we know all these things? Are they some sort of computers with internet that give us enough information? Are they teachers who teach us about many things, to help our brains do better? But what about science, technology, and innovation, which leads to a great skill?…...

Evaluate the Information Processing Models to Learning, Distingush the Main Features of the Multi-Store Model

The main thrust of this assertion is to give an evaluation of the information processing models to learning and paying particular attention to features of the multi-store model. According to Ashcraft (1994) information processing model is a framework used by cognitive psychologists to explain and describe mental processes. The multi-stores model propounded by Atkinson and Shiffrin(1968) is a classic model of memory, which describes memory in terms of information flowing through a system. However the model is not without flaws,…...

Introduction to Psychological Counselling

What is Required in Reflective Writing? Why Reflect? ‘It is not sufficient simply to have an experience in order to learn. Without reflecting upon this experience it may quickly be forgotten, or its learning potential lost. It is from the feelings and thoughts emerging from this reflection that generalisations or concepts can be generated. And it is generalisations that allow new situations to be tackled effectively.’ (Gibbs 1988) Reflective writing provides an opportunity for you to gain further insights from…...

Disadvantages of the studying abroad

The studying abroad is the problem of youth of Kazakhstan The most difficult for a young person is looking for profitable occupation. «Do you speak English? » - a question that can be heard at any companies even they are not foreign ones in our country. And if you confidently answer «Yes, I do! », you will be supplied with the high-salaried job. It will be good chance for you to take a place in a prestigious company and develop…...

Me Talk Pretty One Day

This essay written by David Sedaris is a walk down memory lane where David tells about his experiences and troubles when he studied French in Paris. The story takes place the first day after the vacation. He moved to Paris with hopes of learning French but it turns out that it was not as easy as he first thought. He only had one month French class before he left the safe hometown of New York. The school is an international…...

Study Strategies for Learning

Study skills or study strategies are approaches applied to learning. They are generally critical to success in school, considered essential for acquiring good grades, and useful for learning throughout one's life. Respicius Rwehumbiza in his book "Understanding Examination Techniques and Effective study Strategies" in 2013 asserted that, most students fail in examinations simply because they lack study skills and/or examination taking techniques. Study skills are an array of study skills, which may tackle the process of organizing and taking in…...

Establishing Effective Working Relationship

Developing efficient working relationship is one of the domain in the Nursing and Midwifery Council's core proficiencies which have to be accomplished in order to become a mentor (NMC 2006) I will discuss the essential elements mentor requires to consider throughout the preliminary interview with my student. This time my learner is a brand-new member of the personnel. On his very first day, I presented myself, orientated and welcomed him to the unit. Nickin and Kenworthy (2000) mention orientation to…...

Teamwork is the key to success

Teamwork is a group of people with various complementary skills, working together towards a common vision. It generates performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members. There are some tasks that cannot be done individually, but can be easily accomplished by working in a team. . Teamwork compiles the ideas of several people. It is not "too many cooks spoil the soup" but rather a combination of ideas, skills, helpfulness, leadership. Slower project momentum from working…...

Understand Child and Young Adult Person Development

Unit 022 Understand Kid and Young Adult Advancement Result 2 ( 1 - a, b, c, d). Children and young individuals development can be influenced by a series of personal aspects. If a kid has an impairment it may avoid the child from establishing in several areas, they may feel omitted and perhaps have actually not got sufficient assistance to promote development. If a child has finding out problems they will struggle to develop as it might take them longer…...

Support Assessment For Learning

1. Understand the purpose and characteristics of assessment for learning. 1.1. Compare and contrast the roles of the teacher and the learning support practitioner in the assessment of learners’ achievements. The Teachers Role: Planning On-going assessment Effective marking and feedback Assessment as an end of Key Stage process Record and evidence Reporting to parents and guardians Following the curriculum Provide the necessary resources for the children Develop and adapt learning activities to suit the requirements of individual Inform children about…...

Formal Education Tends to Restrain Our Minds and Spirits Rather Than Set Them Free

The statement that formal education tends to restrain our minds and spirits rather than set them free seems true to a very good extent. It is based on the assumption that too much of formal education tends to create a narrow line of thinking. Formal education dictates the path that a person is supposed to follow to reach his/her destination. It stresses on the need to learn from the mistakes of the unsuccessful people and adopt ways of the successful…...

Academic Strategies for the Business Professional

Academic Strategies for the Business Professional course was great for helping me develop into a very decent student. It was a great class with lots of information for school learning and use in the career field. It has assisted me to learn to use better time management skills. The more I use these skills the less stressed I will be. As I use the different styles of time management, it helps me determine which tool works the best for each…...

Personal Learning Styles

Everyone learns and retains information differently than one another. There are so many different types of learning styles out there. There are visual learners, verbal learners, and kinesthetic learners. Visual learners remember best what they see by diagrams, flow charts or maps. Auditory learners remember best what they hear and kinesthetic learners are best when they can be hands on. College is such an important part of my life and of many young people in today’s day and age. I…...

Psychological learnings of movie "Reign Over me"

Abstracted The types of psychological illnesses that the characters have in the movie “ Reign O’er Me”. Summary of the movie. Over view of Charlie Fineman and his symptoms that he displays. The symptoms that Alan Johnson shows, and the symptoms and characteristics that Donna Remar shows during this movie. What is PTSD, depression, bipolar, co-dependency, narcissistic disorders? What are the symptoms and treatments for these disorders? How does the actual song “Love, Reign O’er Me” link into this movie?…...

University Learning Goals

The university discovering goals are necessary skills that hiring managers look for when reviewing applications. Understanding how to incorporate the knowing objectives into your career proficiencies can help you in the application and career-search procedure. Complete the following table with 100-word summaries of how each university learning objective can help you with profession preparedness. University learning goal How each objective prepares you for success in the work environment Expert Proficiency and Worths I believe this objective will assist prepare you…...

The biological perspective and social learning theory (SLT)

I am going to evaluate the biological perspective and social learning theory (SLT) as my 2 psychological approaches to health and social care service provisions. The biological approach is a very closed minded as it can only really be used in health care settings as this is what it was designed for there are many different types of health care: in the GP surgery it can be used because the main points of the theory is that medication must be…...

Summer Internship Project Report Format

Project Work is the best way to practice what you have learnt. The purpose of including project report in the 2nd semester is to provide you an opportunity to investigate a problem applying management concept in a scientific manner. It enables you to apply your conceptual knowledge in a practical situation and to learn the art of conducting a study in a systematic way and presenting its finding in coherent report. As student-managers, you are constantly seeking information to base…...

A Reflection in Learning

Introduction I am a registered nurse of twenty years of experience. After graduated from my three-year training in a nursing school, I had been worked in an intensive care unit (ICU) and a pulmonary unit of a public hospital. Now I am working in a non-government organization serving the mentally disabled. No matter which specialty I am working in or how senior I am, I found learning being crucial for professional competence, job satisfaction and personal growth. In this paper,…...

Supporting Teaching and Learning: Sequence and Rate of Development

1. Outlie the difference between sequence and rate of develoment. Why might children develop at different rates in different areas? All children are different in sequence of development depending on events of what will happen while growing in age, as like Maslows hierarchy of needs are shown you need all acpects to develop, you need (qouting from Maslows hierarchy of needs) basic needs such as physiological needs (Health,food,sleep), safety needs (shelter, removel, belonging and love needs (love, affection, being a…...

Should the Internet Replace the Book As the Chief Tool of Learning?

At present, the Web and other technology are well-developed and keep improving. Individuals use those new tools to do everything, and attempt tough to make human life simpler and more best. From organisation to finances; industry to entertainment; services to education, using the Internet has increased and ended up being more traditional. Some individuals believe that the Web and other electronic innovation can change all kind of tasks that humans do, including mentor students with screens and keyboards instead of…...

“A Blessing” by James Wright

“A Blessing” by James Wright Just off the highway to Rochester, Minnesota, Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass. And the eyes of those two Indian ponies Darken with kindness. They have come gladly out of the willows To welcome my friend and me. We step over the barbed wire into the pasture Where they have been grazing all day, alone. They ripple tensely, they can hardly contain their happiness That we have come. They bow shyly as wet swans.…...

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