Learning Essay Topics

Kolb Learning Styles

David Kolb’s theory of learning styles is one of the best known and widely applied and it suggest that learning is a cyclic process which involves an individual proceeding through each of the following four stages and will eventually prefer and rely upon one style more than the others. The four styles are: Divergers, Convergers,… View Article

Learning from Mistakes

If we never learned from our mistakes then the light in this room would never have been made by Thomas Edison’s awareness of the mistakes he was making he learned what not to do and then eventually made this happen. Lights on Hi I’m and I like to learn from my mistakes, instead of bringing… View Article

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector- Assessments

Role, responsabilities and boundaries of teacher in the teaching/ training cycle. The key aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to your subject and the type of organisation within which you would like to work. Expalin how you could promote inclusion, equality and diversity with your current / future learners. Identify other… View Article

Preparing For Science Course

Preparing for any subject or course is a good thing to do for one to fully appreciate the course, especially for a science course. In a science course, there are a lot of new things you will learn, particularly new technical terms/concepts/ideas. And planning for every class session would be helpful to maximize your learning… View Article

Practice Vision

I suppose that it’s exceedingly difficult for any incoming medical student to decide exactly in which areas they would prefer to specialize.  For me, particularly, I feel that the decision has been one that has been extraordinarily difficult to reach.  There is truly a multitude of different areas in which I feel that I have… View Article

Practice – Theory Analysis

During internship, I was able to witness some incidents in the educational system which is relatively important with regards to the questions of equity and fairness in schools. These reflect various policy issues that I have learned throughout the course. The most evident issue that I have encountered was regarding various forms of discrimination. Despite… View Article

Advantages and Disadvantages – Studying Abroad

Nowadays, there are many people continuing their studies outside their country. They think that educations in other countries are better than in their own country. Studying abroad offer so many life-changing and enduring academic, career, and social benefits, therefore students consider studying abroad. Studying abroad lets you experience things you have never faced them before…. View Article

Ground Rules

“Ground Rules are boundaries, rules and conditions within which learners can safely work and learns”. (Gravells A, 2010). This above definition explains that all learners require boundaries and rules within which to work. These must be made very clear and early on in the course; these terms could be set by organisation and/or produced by… View Article

Managing Own Performance in a Business Environment

1.1) 1.2) The purpose of planning work and being accountable to others for own work is being organised. 1.3) The purpose and benefits of agreeing realistic targets for work is making sure you have enough time to accomplish the targets in order for the targets to become obtainable in all areas. 1.4) Agreeing to realistic… View Article

The National Association for the Education of Young Children

The elementary school teacher decided to integrate reading and writing into geometry lessons to improve the scores of students. In particular, the students had to use the names of geometric objects as well as their other attributes to write the poems. The experiment has shown a significant improvement in geometry scores. Making children more involved… View Article

Procrastination Abstract

Studies show that most students are academic procrastinators, they tend to wait for the last moment before submitting or finishing their school related tasks.  Analysts divided these students into two groups, the positive procrastinators and the negative procrastinators.  Positive procrastinators are those students who wait for the last moment to submit a work because they… View Article

Philosophy of Teaching

Philosophy of teaching is a self-reflective statement of your beliefs about teaching and learning. It discuss how you put your beliefs in practice by including concrete examples of what you do or anticipate doing in class. My teaching philosophy is ‘participatory learning’. It a type of learning process whereby learners are put in the centre… View Article


I am an individual wanting much more than just the usual learning that is taken from lower-level of education. My wanting for excellence has made it possible for me to want something more from myself. Undeniably, the different assessments that I have made upon myself as an individual has made me more interested in the… View Article

Team Week Three Reflection

This week Learning Team was tasked with understanding three objectives. Those objectives were as follows: 2.1 State the purpose of the business research. 2.1 Develop appropriate research questions and hypotheses. 2.3 Identify dependent and independent variables in business research. Our learning team discovered that business research is designed to increase your understanding a given management… View Article

Study Habits

Introduction Each student has unique way of studying. They differ individually in academic performances and study habits. The efficiency of the students at this stage depend upon his/her study and how well his/her lessons. The effectiveness of the intellectual ability of a student is assessed by its ability to perform and respond in lectures, assignments… View Article

My Studying Experience

Whenever I set my mind to work on a variety of things, I place sufficient importance to each of them and adequately accomplish all of them with strict perseverance. My transcript shows that I have taken several courses in advance and achieved high scores in them. I selected many courses that though are not directly… View Article

The Idea Of Inclusive Education

The department of special education of the University of Iowa advocates the concept of inclusive education. The idea of inclusive education is that every student despite the strengths and weaknesses that they have, will all be treated equally and be accepted as part of their community at school. This would mean that students that have… View Article

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Skill was Parsed In this exercise, children learn how to properly use descriptive words when describing themselves.  Many lesson plans present students with colorful pictures to which they are supposed to apply descriptive words.  However, some of the pictures rely on children to draw conclusions about three dimensional factors impossible to derive from a two… View Article

Psychiatric Nursing: A Guide to DSM-IV-TR Multiaxial System

Introduction             The heart of the DSM-IV-TR system is the multiaxial format that uses five levels or areas to perform a thorough diagnosis. This system recognizes the complexity of diagnosis and the interrelatedness of many factors that are components of a mental disorder diagnosis. The multiaxial system generally takes into account psychological, physical, internal, external,… View Article

Eriksons stage and the concept of multiple intelligences

What would you do in a classroom situation with a student with a learning disability to prevent them from having poor self esteerm. Include Eriksons stage and the concept of multiple intelligences in your answer. A student with a learning disability is an urgent matter that a teacher should be concerned of. A child has… View Article

Universal Design for Learning

The concept of Universal Design comes from architect, Ron Mace in 1980 when he used the term and defined the concept as “the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design” (Center for Universal Design). Mace had personal experience… View Article

Neuroanatomy Paper

The limbic system is a diverse collection of cortical and subcortical regions that are crucial for normal human behavior (Martin, 2003). According to Martin (2003), nineteenth century neurologist and anatomist recognized that damage to particular parts of the human brain were associated with disorders of emotion and memory; these lesions , unlike those of the… View Article

Understanding the Importance of Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela Education is one of the important processes in human life that people tend to through so as to pursue their long term dreams. In today’s world, education is believed to be the power for it is the process… View Article

Distance Learning: Possible Benefits

Definitions ran course to every form of discourse and writing, so much so that in this case, the word “distance learning” be defined in the most concise but meaningful way. The fact that it is a recent phenomenon juxtaposes the individual to present its definition in terms of its academic connotation. The things involved in… View Article

Effective Study

Effective learning depends upon good study skills, but “Many students – – both traditional and nontraditional – – entering college have few, if any practical study skills.” ( Huber, 1994, 29) Good study skills do not simply occur; they must first be learned and then applied consistently. Efficient study strategies include a preset time, a… View Article

Education Dialog

What does it mean to be an educated person? There is no simple, out-right, correct answer to this question. Everyone will have a slightly, if not very, different answer. “… ‘What does it mean to be a liberally educated person?’—is misleading, deeply so, because it suggests that one can somehow take a group of courses,… View Article

Analysis of Learning Theory

Teaching and education in the church utilizes both the spiritual, as well as the psychological. Andy Stanley and Lane Jones in their book Communicating For A Change discuss teaching the Bible in a clear and concise way that encourages one to change. William Yount in his book Created to Learn examines traditional learning theory and… View Article

Benefiting Students Through A Brain-Based Learning Environment

The question of nature versus nurture as it pertains to human development has been a debate among psychologists for years. And after decades of research, there is still no definitive answer as to whether nature (genes) or nurture (environment and upbringing) are responsible for certain characteristics of an individual. However, many researchers now believe that… View Article

Learning Framework

1. I want my family to be proud of me. 2. I want to earn my degree in Network Management. 3. I want my children to be encouraged to stay in school and not quit. The reason I choose the three I did was because I have always felt like I could never do right… View Article

Communication and Learners

Much of my research was carried out online and I have included my written research notes and sources. Teacher net (2010) says “Adopting an approach to your teaching which draws on research and evidence should help you in reviewing and developing your practice”. With this in mind I considered Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs motivational model… View Article