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Essay on Learning

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memoSWOCC CIS120ToDiana Schab TeacherFrom Alaina Russell


My enthusiasm to pursue a sports science degree is fundamental to my

...Due to my continued interest, I have played a variety of sports at school level, including basketball and cheerleading. The variation of sports has helped me to develop my confidence and teamwork skills. I went on to join a rounder’s league and after training and competing for 7 years, I now have the opportunity to partake in the England rounder’s trials. In addition to this, I continued playing netball, playing in a national league alongside my studies. This encouraged me to develop my time...

Through the eyes of a 5 years old me I’ve seen that

...When people think of social media, the first to come to mind is the massive trading of network. To me, the different uses of social media have had a positive effect on the youth of today as it assists in searching for identity, cultivating habits of independent inquiry, and gives an enjoyable, convenient and instant communication between distances. With so many opportunities given by social media, one could gain multiple advantages and learn tremendously from different aspects of the platform. O...

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Online Leaning System

...Users might need feedback feature to complaint or report any good thing. User may want to contact at case of system crash for that user is provided with an E-mail service. While redesigning the website we make sure that the website receives regular updates. We made the user interface easier, so that user doesn't face any kind of difficulty in accessing the features of this website. User can report about any system crash or server down through email though all type or case of error will be solved...

My Personal Strengths

...I cope with many obstacles that may impact negatively on my future career. One of those threats is competition. I am conscious that a lot of my fellows who intend to study the field that I am going to choose are more active and have a lot of skills and experiences. Moreover, currently, the competition is stronger as the population structure of Vietnam has more and more young population, which is synonymous with competition in job. Therefore, if I want to compete with them, I have to be careful n...

In my essay I am going to discuss different learning strategies and

...There are in a primary school hands-on activities build a model, numeracy and literacy white board activities when teacher assistant will need to make sure that pupil’s questions were being answered, pointing on a board asking them questions and asking if someone needs assistants. Messy activities fingers or hands printing, chalk drawing, how to make sand foam, water games such as colour water or rice which are sometimes distressing for children as they prefer to be clean, teaching assistant w...

The collaboration




Developing Life Skills Through Sports

...First in any sport during the training, the training always focus on the individual player skills , every player should to build his own skills and make his skills better to accomplish the best results during any game, in other words, that means, you who play, you should be better than others, even those with you in the same team, if we take the basketball as an example, every player have to train himself to increase his ball threw distance and his jumping abilities to be better than his colleag...

Closed Circuit Television CCTV

...The experiments used several public face recognition datasets like Extended Yale B face database, ORL face database, the AR database, the CMU PIE face database and the Labeled Faces in the Wild database(LFW). Most experimenting results are positive because the proposed method recognition rate is higher compared to other conventional methods. For instance, on the ORL face database, other methods like KSVD and LC-KSVD2 has lower recognition rates than the proposed method. The proposed method recog...

Active Learning

...I am surprised to admit extrinsic is slightly more effective an intrinsic. This is because there is more of an urgency with extrinsic which leads it to being more effective in accomplishing the intended purpose. Also extrinsic is more effective because intrinsic motivation is most frequently rewarded internally; so when passion dwindles so does the motivation. With extrinsic motivation, the reward and punishments only diminish when they are physically are removed. It is more lasting and certain....

Findings and Discussion - Annotated

...This is a clear, chronological account. The structure, including the use of subheadings, is very helpful. In particular, concluding each session with priorities for the next session clearly demonstrates understanding of the cyclical nature of action research. The student has made use of a wide range of evidence to support some analysis of the children’s learning and to then support evaluation of her own practice. Appropriate use is made of literature, making links back to the factors explored ...

During my time on beginning placement I closely observed one child in

...To conclude my essay, I feel that I have gained a better understanding on how to manage behaviour in my classroom in order to raise achievement. Furthermore, I also feel I have grown in knowledge to improve myself as an educator. My research has helped me to think about different concepts and methods that I can use in my classroom. I have grown in confidence to manage behaviour and I am determined to make use of this in my next two placements and the duration of my teaching career. There’s no ...

Main Types Of College Students


Science-Based Observation of a Toddler's Development

...In observation 3, Peter seemed to have acquired the principles of turn-taking in a conversation as he was able to listen and reciprocate back to the teacher's question as he shouted "Me!", when the teacher asked who wanted cookies. According to Rubin, Watson and Jambor (1978), toddlers engage in parallel functional play. Children of this age group continue to play on their own, even if they are beside other children or may be using the same toys. This is evident as although everyone is presented...

Personal and Work Experience

...In Conclusion I have managed to define and explain all three set of skills for the Employability Profile which were Foundation skills, Marketable Skills and Transferable skills. I was able to discuss and analyse the skills that I have and the ones in which I have managed to develop from my work experience. I have noticed that I have a lot of unmarketable skills for the industry that I work in as I am a very active individual but I've also discovered a lot of marketable skills I have and which I'...

Foreign Language Learning: Self-Confidence

...From that, people who instill confidence will feel a positive aura that drives them to remain optimistic. Putri, Yufrizal & Simbolon (2013) observe that students with high self-esteem got an average of 87.40 in speaking ability, normal self-esteem’s students got 77.80, and low self-esteem’s students got 66.80. This shows that self-confidence is an important asset in learning a foreign language. The higher the level of self-confidence, the more knowledge can be obtained. Those who are confide...

The Teaching Assistant

...The teaching assistant can asses and monitor children by observing, keeping records such as reading records or homework to be able to identify where children need help or are on track with development. I would usually support the lower ability children who find it difficult to stay focused and understand the activities. I use the teacher’s plan to try and simplify, engage, and encouraging children to complete tasks where I am able to I would do it based on a group activity to ensure all childr...

Students and Teachers: Autonomy in Learning

...Teachers might feel it would be easy, secure in their jobs, and less accountable when they follow the decisions made by others. Learner autonomy and teacher autonomy are interdependent; therefore, such teachers have not developed their own autonomy. Teachers' training that gives them the opportunity to experience learner autonomy in their own training would promote learner autonomy. Autonomy-supportive teachers most likely engender autonomous learning motivation in students. Teachers feel large ...

Learning Disabilities Programs


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