Learning Essay Topics

The statement of purpose

Being an international student is a major learning curve. Miles away from Hong Kong, I’m way out of my comfort zone, navigating a stormy sea of emotions unique to international students- the excitement of seeing new things and places, the pride of being an international student, the fear of dealing with home sicknesses, the frustration… View Article

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was an important element in the fight for and promotion of freedom for blacks enslaved within the United States during the 19th century. However, in order to understand its importance to the development of U. S. society it is necessary to understand its historical and contextual basis. Leading off from the Mexican-American… View Article

The Value of Learning

The individual can choose to stay ignorant and live without a care for the harsh realities outside the comfort of his home and family. To be unaware is to live a more peaceful life in that one is not bothered with the plights of others. Or one can choose to be aware of the issues… View Article

Theories of Learning

Piaget`s Cognitive Theory of Learning Piaget`s cognitive theory of learning has remained popular among educators and has greatly influenced curriculum development.   This is for the reason that traditional schooling gives utmost importance to the development of the learner’s cognitive faculties.  This theory was the culmination of his systemic longitudinal research on children (some of whom… View Article

Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning

This is a guideline of the roles, responsibilities and relationships in the lifelong education sector that will need to be followed. Upon teaching a new class all the students that you meet will come from different backgrounds and cultures and will have different needs and levels of abilities. There are many regulatory requirements, codes of… View Article

Thinking in the workplace

Preparation for a career or vocation does not just begin during a school’s admissions examinations. It starts right when a child embarks on the road to learning in general. The whole of one’s life is going to be poured into various experiences a person may encounter. Such is a typical academic life, a life that… View Article

A Definition of Collaborative vs Cooperative Learning

I have been searching for many years for the Holy Grail of interactive learning, a distinction between collaborative and cooperative learning definitions. I am getting closer to my elusive goal all the time but I am still not completely satisfied with my perception of the two concepts. I believe my confusion arises when I look… View Article

Three Key Learnings

This course had been a strong push for me in my career as it has given me the key skills that I needed to face the challenges that I am to face as a professional individual in my field of interest. Undeniably, the skills that I have learned made me more confident in handling real… View Article

Research-based Strategies for English Language Learners

Today, it is common in schools to combine English language learners of differing ability in one class. Students are classified according to their English language ability in order to facilitate cooperative learning groups and to track their progress. A student’s English language ability can be classified into ELL (Emergent language learner) – someone who has… View Article

Kim’s TimeLine

There was a time when textbooks, a chalkboard, a set of encyclopedias, and a map of the world were considered teaching aids; boy how times have changed.  Today all we have to do is flip on a computer, and the world comes to us in a matter of seconds.  In today’s modern world teachers have… View Article

Dynamicity in HRD

Introduction One of the vital pre-requisites in the field of human resource management is the development of its members.  Consequently, to be able to meet the complex changes that occur in every organization, human resource development seemingly surfaces through the essence of maintaining the ability of the human resource to perform their duties and obligations… View Article

Personal Effectiveness

Organisations today are witnessing high levels of competition. In the advent of the recession we have seen many organisation struggles to survive and some have gone burst. Organisations today are on a look out for employee that can demonstrate their ability to learn and develop innovate ideas, products and services that can give them an… View Article

“The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison

Tony Morrison became the prominent American writer of the second half of the 20th century mainly because of her novel “The Bluest Eye” published in 1970. The family relations, beauty and ugliness, cruelty and love are in the focus of the novel. The novel is narrated by a young black girl, Claudia MacTeer and the… View Article

Visual Learning Vs. Kinesthetic Learning

Learning is a process where an individual acquires knowledge and skills through experience, schooling or study. It incorporates several processes and can be attained in various ways. Generally, it is innate for human beings to engage in the process of learning in order to know the things and actions that surround them. However, each person… View Article

The role of the tutor in the Lifelong Learning Sector

There are many facets to the role of the tutor within this diverse learning sector and the responsibility and commitment required from the tutor is of the highest. Analysis of the role of the tutor needs to start firstly with………… the tutor! Although qualified to deliver material on a specialised subject, to teach that subject… View Article

Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Being able to accomplish a task with a team can be both rewarding and challenging. Learning how to effectively work with a group of people from diverse backgrounds can ultimately be draining. First and foremost there has to be an understanding that everyone is not the same, personalities are different, attitudes are different, work habits… View Article

Training Incentives

Training incentives helps employers meet the cost of training their staff. The funding helps to ensure that there is continued supply of qualified people. The employers use training incentives to assist employees who have no formal qualifications. Managers and supervisors are also trained in order to develop management and supervision skills. Trainees can be of… View Article

Transformative Learning

Transformative learning is defined as “a process of getting beyond gaining factual knowledge alone to instead become changed by what one learns in some meaningful way.”(Wikipedia).   Michael Tsao, Kasuyo Takahashi, Jamal Olusesi, and Shikha Jain of the University of Georgia, defined transformative learning as, “learning to purposively question one’s own assumptions, beliefs, feelings, and perspectives… View Article

New and Better Knowledge After a Trip to The Evans Group

A visit to “The Evans Group, a fashion development and production house catering to various designers have changed so much beliefs that I had before. As a Fashion Design student dreaming to have my own fashion production company someday, that trip that we had made me learn many things that as a sophomore student like… View Article

The Dr. Grammar Website

The Dr. Grammar website is geared towards those students who are learning English either as a second language or those students who need help with their writing skills. The key element to making this website work is the fact that the now deceased Professor James Hiduke a.k.a. Dr. Grammar made learning the English language fun… View Article

Proposed HR Program for CompuLearn

CompuLearn is a private sector provider of IT-based teaching and learning programmes in business and management based in the UK, with corporate headquarters in Preston, Lancashire and with trading centers in Mumbai, Nairobia and Dubai. Its current global market is focused in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, with 200 education centers in 30 countries. CompuLearn… View Article

Types of Free Legal Access

Introduction – One of the most important features of a democratic country is the exercise of different forms of freedom awarded to the citizens, and some of the most important types of freedom include a citizen’s set of freedoms included in the exercise of the right to a fair trial and due process of the… View Article

On Common Ground, the Power of Professional Learning Communities

The learning system by which educators and students work in is plagued with sometimes tedious, repetitive and oftentimes illogical steps that learning is hampered more than it is encouraged. The book On Common Ground, the Power of Professional Learning Communities seeks to challenge the very core of the learning system that most of schools practice…. View Article

Should Colleges Attempt to Regulate or Ban Offensive Speech

It has been said that you go to high school to learn how to learn, but go to college to learn how to think. I happen to agree with this statement, in light of my own experiences with higher learning. A college or university is a place of learning, is indeed a higher echelon of… View Article

Observation and Description

1. Explain a learning theory observed in the video. In the field trip, experiential learning was applied by the facilitator. In experiential learning, students are immersed in a real environment and exposed in a real situation. Experiential learning is based on constructivist theory whereby the learners play active roles in assimilating knowledge onto their existing mental… View Article

Exceptionalities in a classroom

In any teaching-learning activity, there are major challenges that arise and must be addressed with a lot of concern if the success of the learners is to be achieved. In any given learning environment, which narrows down to a school setting, there must be a classroom whereby learning process takes place. A classroom consists of… View Article

Pittsburgh Youth Study

According to the Pittsburgh Youth Study conducted by Katharine Browning, Ph.D., and Rolf Loeber, Ph.D., it was found that there are multiple factors that are connected with youth delinquency.  The objective of the study was to determine the factors in delinquency involvement and other related behaviors (Browning & Loeber, 1999).  Those involved in the study… View Article

Policy Suggestions for Reopening Dual Language

This empirical research will be presented to the Ministry of Education in Taiwan for the purpose of studying the possibility of reopening Chinese and English dual language kindergarten schools.             In 2004, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan had forbidden the operation and establishment of bilingual and English kindergarten schools. English could only be integrated… View Article