Learning Essay Topics

Financial perspective

As seen balanced scorecards does not totally disregard financial measures of performance. Thus, timely and accurate data is essential to the successful implementation of balanced scorecard. This implies that handling and processing of financial data should be swift and centralize perhaps fully automated. The financial data should be integrated with corporate databases and especially data… View Article

Finding Forrester – Opening Questions

Q1. We learn about the type of people who live in the neighborhood. It sets up the stereotype of young black youth living in the Bronx, New York. It shows the setting as a city with high-rise buildings and people who are not in wealth. It shows the struggles they have to go thorough. Q2…. View Article

Study skills portfolio

Different people have different learning styles. Each person’s learning style greatly influences the study strategy that best suits him. For instance, a person with a read/write learning style will be best learn when he is given detailed descriptions and when he reads and writes. As such, a person must first determine his learning style before… View Article

Students should drop out of school at any age

Pros: 1. This would promote students’ right to do the things that they want to do without them thinking that they are being forced to study and to go to school. 2. Students would have the option to work instead of going to school if they want to earn and enter the workforce at an… View Article

Linking instruction

Teaching is always perceived as a straightforward process whereby teachers provide instruction and students learn. With this perspective, teaching is seen as a simple instruction–learning process. In actual practice, it is more realistic to view assessment as an integral component of the teaching process. In fact, it has been estimated that teachers devote at least… View Article

Instructional strategies exam essay

Teachers are constantly challenged to ensure that teaching strategies employed in the classroom are appropriate the learning styles and experiences of the learners. As far as possible instructional strategies should be modified to take into consideration the unique characteristics of individual learners and aim to discover the best way forward when dealing with specific learning… View Article

Instructional strategies and approaches

Cognitive theories can be more easily applied, and changes and improvements can be more readily incorporated, as long as the teacher has had some specific training in knowing how students learn. For example, grading might be an inaccurate measurement of assessment of the efficacy of online education as it is not necessarily a true measurement… View Article

Evaluation of instructional materials

Introduction As a teacher, it is your responsibility not just to teach but to guarantee that the students are learning and you must create an active and motivating learning experience for the students. The Worldwide web gives choices of wide variety of instructional resources that you could use as your teaching tool. In choosing instructional… View Article

Diversity in instructional methods toward meaningful learning

Abstract There is diversity in instructional methods that teachers can use to bring about meaningful learning. This paper discusses five of them; namely integrated inquiry approach, 5-model of inquiry, the jig-sawing approach, role playing and WebQuest. These instructional methods are learner centered methods that consider prior knowledge, attitude and skills and promote development of new… View Article

Inquiry learning

Introduction Discovery learning or Inquiry Learning has a long history in education and has regained popularity over the last decade as a result of changes in the field of education that put more emphasis on the role of the learner in the learning process. Zachos, Hick, Doane, and Sargent define discovery learning as “the self-attained… View Article

Methods of instruction

Education is like taking a whole series of journeys. There are destinations and there are different routes to those destinations. In the most common approach, the teacher determines both the destination and the route, that is, he or she decides what is to be studied and how. Many educators recognize the importance of talk as… View Article

Improving Student Learning Through Technology

Abstract In this day and age of all sorts of technological advancements, the wonders and possibilities for convenience and assistance could be met almost instantaneously. From arms’ reach to finger tip accessibility of knowledge and information, these advancements only pose greater advantages for more and more people, especially for the school and university sector. The… View Article

Structured Language and Higher Learning

Simplified, social language plays acts as a vehicle for students to comprehend the basis of others’ arguments or opinions. According to Moore and Zainudin (2003), English learners use critical thinking skills to analyze dilemmas that may have been difficult to understand if they were complex issues (p.1). Teachers that emphasize the importance of familiar context… View Article

Learning English On-line

Introduction In these days of fast-changing technology, almost everything is being affected and changed by technology’s machinery – including the world of academe. Because almost everything now is in the world-wide-web, most people look to the internet for information, business, research, etc. Thus, it is no wonder that even the academia is flowing along this… View Article

The importance of engaging students in conversations about learning

Experts and non-experts openly express their views on “optimal learning” and the establishment of “successful schools,” but students are generally not invited to join these conversations on learning, despite the fact that it is their life that these conversations are centered on (Lewandowski). Lewandowski challenges this tradition. In fact, the author maintains that it is… View Article