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Learning Team Reflection Summary Essay

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The following we will discuss what as a class we have learned as well what can be applicable to our workplace or in our personal life. Also how our knowledge has increased as a result of what we experienced through the learning activities in the previous week. Our group decided to emphasize on Herb’s concoction and Martha’s Dilemma: The Case of the Deadly Fertilizer. We enjoyed as a group that the class read this dilemma and between the groups everyone got to discuss their opinion.

The story about how Martha Wang who worked as a Consumer Affairs Department of a company called Herb’s Garden Products. Also was relatively new to the company and everyone else has been there for years. One day she gets a call from a dissatisfied customer who complained that Herb’s Special Fertilizer Mix killed her beloved dog. There after Martha takes down the consumer name and number and goes to her boss with the information.

Her boss who happens to be Herb’s nephew brushes her off by laughing about the matter.

Then to make matter worst she gets a call from Herb himself and which whispered to her that Herb’s special fertilizer is our best seller, and not to let them down. At the end of the story everyone had to answer the decision that Martha had to face and challenges? As well what we would recommendation we had for the company facing this situation? Our group felt that Martha’s dilemma has one way or another happen to each and one of us in some sort a way. As per the class discussion it seemed that everyone had at least once had this dilemma.

In our group we had mix feeling about it for example some of us believed Martha should just leave the matter alone if she wanted to continue with her job. The rest of us believed there were a better ways of handling the situation than just ignoring it and that would be by investigating the situation further. Our thoughts were to ask her boss to permit Martha to follow an investigation on the matter to support the company’s good name; of course we all agreed that with the company’s permission of course.

We discussed that if Martha persuades her company that the investigation would be for the company’s best of interest. That she would try to prove that the incident with this costumer was not caused by the company’s product, therefore any future complaints the company would have an answer which would help them defended them self’s. As per the company we discussed that they as well should support Martha and give her the tools need to back up the company.

As a example given by one of our team members that his company has a full staff created to investigate any complaints from a consumer making sure there were any bad batch sent out to the customer and if so to recall that batch. It was interesting for our group to see we were not the only ones feeling both ways and that there were other groups with the similar opinions on the subject matter. We heard other explain their personal experience and that leaving the matter alone was the best way to handle it.

As well those who took the lost the dog very personal and believed that an explanation or investigation would be much needed or ethical. This class has increased a least our group knowledge by discussing different types of situations and listening to other people’s point of views on the matter. We have learned a lot on planning, ethics, innovation, diversity, technology and how it affects all us in the business world, especially how to approach certain situation or other ways to handle them. One thing is for certain we are all egger to see what our next three weeks would be like.

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