Learning Team Project Charter Essay

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Learning Team Project Charter


A company is looking to upgrade its current database system. The company has multiple locations nationwide with the main headquarters located in Southern California. Currently, each location has its own database that is not online and only contains the local sites information. The database holds employee’s personal information as well as payroll information. They would like to have one large database that is networked together and accessible by all sites at any time.


This project will upgrade the company’s database system within Human Resources. All database information will now be stored on the new database server that will be installed at the main headquarters. The database servers that are already installed at each local site will be reconfigured to send and receive updates to the main server so that all database servers are mirrored. Hard disk drive space will be upgraded to account for database growth at each location. Employees that require access to this database will need approval from the Human Resources department to protect employee information. This project will not update the actual database software but will reconfigure the software to be accessible across the company network as well as combine all database information into one large database. A new task of nightly backups will be initiated at the main headquarters once the new database setup is completed.

Budget Limitations

This should be a low budget upgrade to the company as most of the hardware and software will not need upgrades. Hard disk drive space is fairly inexpensive to upgrade. No new equipment will need to be purchased since everything is being reconfigured. Upgrading internet speeds will need to be considered since mirroring large amounts of data across the entire network may slow the network down. No outside help will be needed as the local IT team at each location will be able to handle reconfigurations. Sponsors, Stakeholders, Project Team Structure, and Project Approach The sponsors will consist of the company’s CEO and management team who will secure the necessary resources to fund the project. A project manager will be assigned to the project. The manager is responsible for making estimates of every area of the project that includes tasks resources and timeline.

The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the project stays on focus and meets the deadlines. Also, the project manager will report the progress of the project to the CEO and management team. The project team will include a technical staff person from each of the company’s locations. The technical staff will be knowledgeable of human resources technology needs. The project team also will include a technology lead person that will focus of performing an assessment of the current system.

Also, the lead personnel will determine the needs of the current system, and coordinating hardware and software upgrades for their assigned human resources. The technology lead person is responsible for providing periodic updates to the project manager regarding the progress of upgrades. In order to ensure that the project meets its deliverables, each task of the project will be defined which includes the time sequence of each activity that involves testing and training. Also, resources for each task will be defined and time estimates established. The team will use the project management approach because of the amount of resources that are needed to complete the project that requires the estimates to be accurate.


This will be a fairly inexpensive project for the company since most current hardware and software will continue to be used. This project will allow the Human Resources department to work together as one unit to keep better records of employee information as well as payroll information. Human resources at the main headquarters will be able to push new information to the databases companywide at a faster and more accurate rate resulting in
less confusion in employee information as well as less payroll mistakes.

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