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Team C members discussed the Implementation, Strategic Controls, Contingency Plans assignment and the feedback provided for each team member’s document. In the discussion, each team member had an opportunity to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of each paper. Members noted several areas for improvement and team members will use the suggestions to make revisions to individual paper.

Areas for Improvement

The most common section requiring additional work is the key success factors section. Budget, forecast financials, and break-even charts require additional clarification.

Some papers thoroughly cover most of the requirements but miss one area. The second topic addressed is the lack of detail for functional tactics, milestones, tasks, and resource allocation. A couple of team members are experiencing trouble identifying specific measurable objectives for their implementation plan. According to Pearce and Robinson (2013), “Objectives must clearly and concretely state what will be achieved and when it will be achieved“ (p. 193 ). The third suggestion for improvement was to tie the risk management plan to the implementation plan.

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Some team members struggled with describing the change in risks with the implementation plan and management of the risks. Other minor suggestions for improvement include the grammar and APA formatting.

Areas of Strength

Each team member prepared a well organized first draft. The papers provide an excellent understanding of the member’s company and the implementation plans suggested. The drafts indicated that the team members had performed significant research for the papers. Each team member received multiple tips or suggestions for improving his or her paper.

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For example, a team member suggested using tables for the financial statements to increase ease of reading. Another member pointed out the importance of the SWOT analysis as part of the risk management plan.


Team C members completed the Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans assignment, provided feedback to each team member, and will use the feedback to finalize their individual paper. The exercise allows a team member to get a different perspective on the same assignment and receive valuable suggestions for improving the member’s work. Each team member’s paper is stronger due to this process.

Pearce, J.A. & Robinson, R.B. (2013). Strategic management: Planning for domestic and global competition (13th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix ebook collection database.

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