Learning Team A- Value Alignment Paper Essay

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Learning Team A- Value Alignment Paper

Origins and subsequent evolution of your personal and workplace values There are many values and ethics that go into creating a successful and profitable workplace. Many companies adopt their personal values into the workplace to help aide in the daily task that needs to be completed. Adopting personal values into workplace help set standards that allow for follow-up and future growth of the business. Some examples of good personal values to have in the work place are along the lines of respect, responsibility and holding yourself to a certain standard. Rolling out standards and values such as these will help the organization grow a strong ethical foundation for a successful business.

Values, Actions, and Behaviors, and the Alignment Between Your Values and Actions and Behaviors Values provide a basis for perceiving or understanding the world and allowing a person to decipher which action would be most appropriate. Caution needs to be taken since individual values are instilled over a lifetime and may not direct an individual initially to the best course of action or ongoing behavior. The alignment between values and actions or behaviors is strong and positively correlated. When a person makes a rash or split decision, that decision is formulated primarily from the values or previous experiences. Therefore it is important to continually reflect on what the individual sees as important to the job in which he or she is fulfilling. This type of monitoring will allow individuals, managers, and organizations to revise and “tweak” specific values to properly align to what is expected of individual employees in the workplace.

Alignment of Ford’s Stated Values and Actual Plans and Actions The Ford Motor Company abides and thrives on their current mission and vision statement which is “One Ford, One Team, One Plan, One Goal.” This mission and vision statement is expanded upon emphasizing the importance of working together as a team, accelerating development of new products, aggressively restructuring to operate profitably, improving finances, and to deliver profitable growth for everyone. Their mission and vision is simple, yet profound and collectively motivates and guides Ford to new heights. Ford is an innovative company and is rated at the top of their field. Their hard work, ingenuity, innovations, values, and corporate mission and visions are what continue to take Ford to higher levels of success.

The company is rich in history and takes pride in what they do. They value family and community. They are large contributors to many causes including the American Red Cross, feeding the hungry, and supporting local neighborhoods. Their ability to align themselves solely with their stated values and their action plans is impressive. It is what makes them successful and what draws people to purchase a Ford over other vehicles. Bringing teams of top individuals in their respective fields together to create and develop a vehicle like no other is one way that Ford aligns itself with its core values and its action plan. Differences and Degree of Alignment between Personal and Ford’s Values As individuals, identification of the core values governing how we live our lives is vital in our private, working, and social behavior.

A corporation as large as Ford Motor Company must identify the organization’s core values before engaging in strategic planning and developing an action plan. Ford clearly aligns their core organizational values with their focus on education by collaborating with communities to develop innovation in education. The Ford College Community Challenge Grant is awarded annually for outstanding school projects. The “Blue Oval Scholar” scholarships are awarded to high school seniors every year. Ford is also committed to developing safe and affordable vehicles for their domestic and international customers.

Teamwork is emphasized in their mission statement because they look at all stakeholders as part of the same team with the same amount of vested interest in the success of the organization. This is demonstrated in every facet of how the Ford Motor Company operates in business processes, humanitarian, and philanthropic endeavors. The only differences between the plans and actions of the Ford Motor Company’s in implementing their core organizational values and the values of learning team A is their ability and responsibility to use their vast resources to make it happen. Learning team A are individuals who value teamwork, honesty, humanity, social responsibility, education, family, and community so our values align with the stated values of the Ford Motor Company.

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