Learning Styles and Competencies Essay

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Learning Styles and Competencies

Learning Styles and Competencies

I found my personality spectrum to be true of whom I am as an individual person. I understand psychology as a self-portrait of us and this allowed me to be exposed and confirmed my personality. I am a prodigious thinker because I love to solve problems while exploring new ideas and potentials. When I look back as a child I was very analytical and always kept to myself on figuring problems. This can establish well with math, science, or psychology in a field that I would never be bored of. I realize that when I think, I space out and find truth and this will always apply in my everyday tasks. I like to hear questions given time to figure out in my manner of learning.

My other strength is a giver, and I have strong merit of being honest and will always make sure that I will make a difference. Whenever I perform my job duties I make sure I come in with good intentions. I deal with customer service all day and project task all in an eight hour shift. Many people I have seen in the past cheated or stole time that really affected the company along with the workplace. I tend to talk to these individuals into just working as a team instead of being a weak link. I am an easily approachable person, which make sense through this personality spectrum that people see through me. I love to talk business and make sure everyone wins which is a great strength I am well aware of.

I know my strength and how I can utilize it further for my career and better myself as an individual. I acknowledge my weaknesses in organization and that adventurous type; however, this does mean I can improve from what I falter. These are a series of habits and familiarized myself to grow better as an individual. I must find patience and take a day at a time to permit myself to understand where I must lead on, become comprehensive, and also have the courage to take further steps. One of the goals was to head back into school and finish what I had started. I have come a long way from when I was young, I have new experiences that motivate me to finish and succeed for my career. I need to write down my different goals, find others who share that common goal and experience what everyone has to offer. I
understand we ourselves cannot make alone but as a team we can. If I ever come through any issues, I understand my mentor can also guide me. This learning has helped me to understand further and apply myself for future experiences.

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