Learning Styles Essay

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Learning Styles

Learning styles can be described as various ways to approach learning. There is the auditory learner, who learns best from hearing the curriculum said aloud, the tactile kinesthetic learner, who learns best being physically involved with the lesson, and then there is the visual learner. The definition of a visual learner is someone who learns ideas, concepts, and data through images and techniques. I am a visual learner because I learn best by seeing information first hand, which made my Economics class difficult, but I have learned to develop strategies for success. Certain qualities define me as a visual learner. I need quiet study time to focus on my thoughts, have great instinctive direction, and can easily visualize objects when they are described to me.

I can easily memorize what I read and write and remember information well when I see it in front of me. Images, such as diagrams and charts, along with written lessons also help visual learners. I observe all physical elements in a classroom. When talking about historical events, it helps to have a time line to see when events occurred. When I have teachers who display notes on a Power Point or give a hard copy to go along with the lesson, it helps me to learn better. Only hearing the information given aloud makes it challenging for me to remember the theories they teach. These are the characteristics that distinguish me as a visual learner. My economics class in high school was challenging for me. The teacher was very vocal, and preferred to give information aloud, rather then show us.

This was very hard for me because I had to pay very close attention and take notes in order to grasp the concept. This class was every weekday for 6 months, so it was very difficult for me to adjust, but I knew I had to if I wanted to succeed the class. Most of my grade was based on quizzes from the curriculum, so I really had to work hard to study and learn the curriculum to pass the class. Having a textbook to go along with the teacher was helpful, but could not replace learning from a teacher. I would have to look through the book after each lesson in class and study from the book to make sure I understood. Although it was difficult, I adapted to the new learning style. To help me be successful in school, I have adapted certain techniques to study. When I take notes, I can study by rewriting them later because when I write something over and over, it can help implant the topic in my brain.

When it is allowed, I try to record lectures so in case I miss something while the teacher is talking, I can listen to it again later to make sure I understand everything. Strategies like flashcards and visual cues are also helpful because I can look at them as many times as I need until I am sure I fully know the lesson. Making outlines after a class can help me to organize notes. When reading material, highlighting and underlining important parts in the text visually emphasizes what will be helpful to know. Making lists can help me catalog my thoughts in an organized manner. Videos related to the topic I am studying is another tool I can use.

These are some of the ways I have trained myself to learn from any teaching style. Knowing my learning style and ways I can help myself succeed will be very helpful to me though college. I know I will have a variety of classes and teachers who will teach in ways that may not be the easiest. I can learn to study and grasp information in the way that will be most helpful to me. By studying other learning styles other than my own, I can learn to adapt to the way other teachers educate and succeed in all areas.

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