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Learning Styles Essay

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According to Keefe Learning style is, “The composite of characteristic cognitive, affective and psychological factors that serve as relatively stable indicators of how a learner perceives, interacts with, and responds to the learning environment” (Keefe, 1979, cited in Manuel Martinez-Pons 2001). A learning style is a unique set of individual skills and preferences that affects how a person perceives, gathers, and process information. Every individual has their own learning style. Knowing or understanding the learning style helps an individual to learn more effectively.

Through learning style each individual learners begins to concentrate on the various aspects of studying things. There is no right way of studying but it’s the person who thinks their style of learning is right for them. So everyone has their own way of learning but without knowing this way an individual can never learn efficiently. AFFECTS OF LEARNING STYLES: Learning style affects how a person: •acts in a group •studies •participates in activities •relates to others •solves problems •Teaches and works.

So through identifying the learning style a person can learn things better and also can achieve their comfort zone which is very helpful for the students. TYPES OF LEARNING STYLES: As we know the information that enters our brain basically through three main ways and these are: sight, hearing and touching and out of these the one which we use the most may be able to be called as a person’s learning style. •Visual Learners: Visual learners as we know learn by sight. These types of learners basically learn or understand their topic by seeing at the teacher’s body language or the expressions on face of the teacher.

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They may also feel the necessity of sitting in the front bench since it helps them to see the teachers face clearly and also monitor each and every step of the teacher. They also prefer more on figures, charts, tables, videos etc. and also take notes about each and every point so that they can gain knowledge on any particular topic. •Auditory Learners: Auditory learners are those learners who learn by hearing things. They generally prefer on hearing speeches from the teachers or they also collect information through discussion. For such type of learner hearing is more important than mere reading.

•Tactile Learners: These types of learners learn by touch or by experience. Basically they prefer touch as their primary mode for taking in information. They may find it difficult to be seated quietly for long time and may become distracted often various ways. They also prefer to write notes and highlights key words. Learning style and its influence: So in order to know ones learning style one has to take tests which offers their learning styles profile and a collection of approaches and advice that can help one to learn competently.

Beside these there are also another 4 learning styles, activists who likes to be involved and learns through the hands-on approach, Reflectors who collects data and thinks about it before going to any conclusion, Theorist one who like to think problems through step by step and Pragmatist likes to link between the topic and the task. But we should always keep in mind that there is no good or bad learning style. Firstly one has to identify his learning style and then demonstrate different learning styles are the basic two objectives of learning styles.

So knowing ones learning style helps him in knowing the strength as well as the weaknesses. Besides, note taking, listening skills, presentation skills, referencing all these falls under learning style. Students also sometimes research on any topic before they attend the class which discusses about that particular topic on the other hand a student can research or study on that topic after attending the lecture of the tutor or even some students may also discuss about the topic with their fellow students and collect information about their opinion and take feedback from the concerned tutor.

This also falls under learning styles. Beside, learning style also is about building positive relationship with the instructor. Much of the college education is about interactions with the professors. So the success of those interactions will have a major impact on the students overall college success. Solving problems with the instructor also falls under learning styles. The instructors are human so we can talk to them.

If a student facing any problem on any topic or portion can seek for help from the teachers or if a student is struggling in a course then the student can ask help from the other classmate or the instructor. Be polite and forthright. We all make mistakes.

No matter what our learning style is, it is very important to be involved in the class i. e. to participate in all the discussion which is related with the topic, link classroom experience to the outside world i. e.the practical life, relate the classroom concept to the students own life, ask question and offer criticism, stimulate further relevant discussion, do not get distracted i. e. stick with the work by only concentrating on that work solely, keep an open mind because different people has different ideas and thoughts and only focusing on one idea stick to that is not relevant. Benefits of learning styles: Identifying the learning style is very significant for the student since it has many advantages or benefits such as the students can: ?

Know their strengths as well as weaknesses. ?Helps in improving the study skills. ?Helps in personalising report which aims at the student. ?Improvement in self- confidence. ?Prevents from confusion with teacher. ?Helps in obtaining self-knowledge. ?Liberated to study “your way”. ?Helps the students to work hard on the areas in which they find themselves weak. Conclusion: Thus we can conclude by saying that each student should take a learning style test so that the students are able to know which learning style is suitable for them and can make the best use through this style.

Thus, it has great significance for the students to gain confidence and to learn effectively as well as efficiently. It also enables a student’s capability to understand things better. Since learning styles helps the students to know their adaptability and tells where a student is weak and accordingly they can pay attention on that particular area and at the same time it also enables a student’s strength which helps him to gain self-confidence. Thus, both strength and weaknesses of the students can be detected through learning styles.

Good learning style also help in understanding the world more genuinely because it helps to think more deeply. By adopting good learning styles person can have good job opportunity in the future. So every student should know which learning style fits them and follow it. Bibliography Manuel Martinez-Pons, 2001, the psychology of teaching & learning A Three-Step Approach, Great Britain, Biddles. http://www. ldpride. net/learningstyles. MI. htm http://www. creativelearningcentre. com/products/learning-style-analysis/benefits-of. html http://chat. carleton. ca/~jsauve/conclu. html.

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