Learning Styles Essay

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Learning Styles

A learning style is basically the preference or predisposition of an individual to perceive and process information in a particular way or combination of ways. (Lynne Celli Sarasin, 2006) There are eight intelligences and an individual has one or more strengths in one of those intelligences. As we have learned from the readings, there are multiple ways to understand how an individual learns. There are three primary senses that are involved in learning: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Howard Gardner, for example, suggested that some students learn through their bodies (kinesthetic), others through music and rhythms (auditory), and many others through hand-outs and presentations (visual). Students have been learning in many different ways since ancient times. Teachers of Hinduism, Confucianism, Judaism, and Christianity all evaluated their students’ personalities, with an eye as to how to best teach them. (John D. Mayer, Ph. D. ) I have examined multiple websites on how Hinduism considers opinions of personality.

For example, Hindu thought suggests that the wise person judges others with detachment and peace; as apposed to over-involvement, annoyance, or condescension. (John D. Mayer Ph. D. ) In Hinduism, the role of the yogi, or teacher, are to assist those, who sought enlightenment to learn about their essential atman (real inner self). (John D Mayer, Ph. D. ) Accomplished Hindu teachers distinguish among different types of students so as to provide each student with practices that will best guide him or her on the path to enlightenment. (John D. Mayer, Ph. D. )

As I further read into the article posted by John D. Mayer, he wrote about how there are three different types of students. Their way of learning is completely different from the way we learn here and what we learn about. I could use my primary sensory preference to increase my awareness and practice in Hinduism by watching videos and hearing lectures about their way of learning. (Due to the fact that I am a auditory and kinesthetic learner) Once I watch videos about their way of learning I would become more informed about their way of everyday life and their learning styles.

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