Learning Skill Essay

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Learning Skill

Q1. Write an essay on why you decided to continue your tertiary education. In your answer also include why WOU was your choice of university. Everyone hope to live in better or luxury life, so do I. But holding only diploma in accounting would not grant me any further opportunity in the fact that nowadays the employers are so arduous and looking forward for more competent and capable candidate. Therefore I make up my mind to pursue higher education for a better career advancement and keep the skills and knowledge up to date. Continuing tertiary education can enhance my marketable skills.

Advance to degree means that I learning new skills. A set of skills imparted from this course will help me in the current society. These skills also help me to perform better in my current career, make me more competitive and have the opportunity for promotions (Girl 2014). Tertiary education also increases my earning potential (Girl 2014). In the current career market, the higher your education, the higher your position and the higher your pay (Harrison 2013). From Jobstreet salary report, a finance manager earnings average from RM5,800 to RM8,600 per month (JobStreet. com 2014).

In current economy, higher earning is important for a better living life. Continuing my education will gives me advanced knowledge about my area of study. From researching assignments and advanced courses, I will gain additional knowledge relates to my career. Learning from established experts, I will also earn a reputation as an expert in my field too (Harrison 2013). Choosing WOU as my choice as it suits for my part-time study and more flexible. It provides me to study online and have distance learning (University 2014). WOU cuts down my travelling time and cost and only attend classes once a month.

I am able to choose the course and plan to study that suits my time that provided by WOU. Other than education, WOU is a place where I can enhance my professional skills and gaining knowledge from the lecturers and students which will makes me become a more valuable and marketable in my career. It is never too late to go back to study. I appreciates that WOU is one of the online study provider that let me study with ease and continuing my education which can fit my studies, working and social life. I can have a degree without having to commit to campus life and receive the degree from my home (Girl 2014).

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