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Learning outcome

1.1 explain own role and responsibilities and boundaries of own role as a teacher . Write a essay explain the your role and responsibilities including the limits of your teaching role. Word limited (200) 1.2 Identify key aspects of relevant current legislative requirements and codes of practice within a specific context -The student will write a essay explaining the NEW STANDARDS FOR TEACHERS AND TRAINERS. Explaining the new standards expected, including details of Health and Safety. – Make a list of location where you can research changes to your subject topic including details of location and the method of research. 1.3 identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of students -Draw a mind map for your preferred learning style and include it within your portfolio. 1.4 identify issues of equality and diversity and ways to promote inclusion -Define equality and diversity.

-What does the term inclusive mean? (100 words) – Place copies of equal opportunities policies from a number of companies if your company does not have any. -Write a short essay explaining the importance to address the issues of qualify , diversity and inclusion within your training area. (200 word) 1.5 Explain the need of record keeping.

Write a reflective piece explaining how you feel about keeping paper work and record keeping. (200) 2.0 understand appropriate teaching and learning approaches in the specialist area. 2.1 Identify and demonstrate relevant approaches for a specialist teaching area. -Write a brief essay explaining the approaches for a specialist teaching area. (200) 2.2 Explain ways to embed elements of functional skills in the specialist area. -With reference to an experience teacher you have previously observed in your specialist area. Explain how your teacher can keep up to date with their teaching practice in their specialist teaching area? How can your teaching incorporate communication and numeracy? 2.3 Justify the selection of teaching and learning approaches for a specialist session. in reflective piece explain a teaching session that you have delivered and the reason you have used a teaching approached. If you are not teaching currently, explain a teaching approach that you have seen for a specific session. 3.0 Demonstrate session planning skills.

3.1 Plan a teaching and learning session which meets the needs of individual students. -complete a full teaching plan for the micro teaching session. (presentation) 3.2 Justify selection of resources for a specific session.

-Write a brief essay of (100) explaining the reason for the use of specific resources within your teaching session. 4 Understand how to deliver inclusive sessions which motivate students. 4.1 Explain ways to establish ground rules with students which underpin appropriate behavior and respect for others. Write a brief statement explaining methods of establishing clear ground rules . Give a examples of a ground rules list.

4.2 use a range of appropriate and effective teaching and learning approaches to engage and motivate students. Feedback sheets for other students 4.3 Explain and demonstrate good practice in give feedback Complete a essay explaining good practice and examples of bad practice. 4.4 Communicate appropriately and effectively with students. – copy of the feedback from lead instructions and internal Verifier. 4.5 Reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of own teaching. Complete a reflection on the effective of the teaching method used and the ways you can improve your teaching practices. 5 understand the use of different assessment methods and the need of record keeping. 5.1 Identify different assessment methods

-Write a reflection piece on the type of assessment you have experienced during your training time and school experience and the methods that have been effective and ineffective. (200 words) 5.2 Explain the use of assessment methods in different contexts, including reference to initial assessment. -Write a essay explaining the use of assessment methods and the different times you would use this method including details of initial assessment prior to starting a course. Including details of the types of assessment that are suitable for different areas. How can you use this assessment techniques be used to assessment learner progress. 5.3 Explain the need for record keeping in relation to assessment. -Briefly explain the need for record keeping due to the fact and relationship of the awarding bodies and the requirement of tractability of all document and processes.

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