Learning Management Ways in My Own Life from Alfred Lansing's Endurance; Shackleton's Incredible Voyage

Imagine a place where the nearest civilization is hundreds of miles away, where there is nothing but snow and ice as far as the eye can see. Subzero temperatures and ice threaten even the most prepared individual; danger waits at every turn. This is what the men aboard the Endurance, a vessel exploring Antarctica in the early 1800’s, had to experience. They did so willingly, in the spirit of adventure. Today, surviving in the Antartic would be a challenger Back then, surviving the conditions was practically impossible Only through superb leadership of Shackleton and his men were they able to escape this horrific tundra, without suffering even one casualty.

This guidance is a constant theme that is illustrated in Alfred Lansing’s Endurance; Shackleton’s Incredible Voyager After reading the novel, I personally have discovered how their exemplary leader, Shackleton, led them fearlessly through this barren wasteland, how the rest of the crew willingly aided him, and how it all helped the group for the better In turn, using the knowledge was given from the novel.

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I have now discovered new and helpful ways to exhibit management in my own life. This was truly a breathtaking tale; Shackleton has set the standards for leaders to this day.

Thus, by reading the book, Endurance; Shackleton’s GreatAdventure by Alfred Lansing, anyone can learn about Shackleton’s leadership, see his and others‘ guidance being reflected in the successful outcomes of the adventure, and observe how this quality can help people in their own day»to-day lives.

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Without leadership, one can be sure that this expedition would not have been successful. We would be left with a different book, or even possibly no book at all. With no guidance in general, life would be exceptionally hard to endure. This one book taught me so many things, and I am very pleased to have read it.

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