Learning In A Highly Structured Environment Essay

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Learning In A Highly Structured Environment

Some people say that education is best imparted in a desciplined and structured environment, while others say that education should be the product of freedom and spontaneity. This issue, as stated in the passage, is debatable but a closer examination brings out some factors which certainly reveals that education is most effective when the students are allowed to express themselves.

First, it is imperative that students, the recipent of knowledge, should always stay keenly interested to receive that knowledge. there is a very old saying that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Hence, the educators should always try and keep a playful environment in their classes or institutes. Seggregating study and play hours will, however, have an adverse effect, as it will make children look forward to the play hours and hence not give attention in the study hours. Indeed, the best solution is to make the very study environment itself full of fun activities, thus encouraging the students to engage in more creative activities through out their study hours. Also, this approach will also stop the students from craving for time separately when they can enjoy themselves. Furthermore, such an environment will also enable the teachers to recognize the strenghts and weaknesses of their students more correctly. The teacher student relationship would be more like friends, and students will be encouraged to share everything with them.

Second, we must keep in mind that we live in an ever changing society. And the rapid change demands rapid adaptations. Although formal education is a must for such adaptations, too much of it can be harmful. Children must be aquanted with diverse situations from their childhood, but without forcing it on them. Thus, the best way to do that is by giving them an flexible educational system. It would enable them to recognize the best way how to deal with various situations and overcome difficulties, which would be a great boon when they grow up. For example, a society would be much more healthy and dynamic if, rather than teaching each oif 100 students to solve a math problem in the same way, educators encourage students to try different methods and adopt the one that suits them best.

Third, and perhaps the most important, is that education is not gained through bookish knowledge only. That sort of knowledge can only take a person upto a certain point, but going beyond would require the personal experience and knowledge of the individual. Since, it is a known fact that children without education have more diverse ideas than grown ups with years of education, letting the former express their ideas is certainly the best way to educate them. For example, Rabindranath Tagore, the famous poet and nobel laureate, is still considered one of the best poet of all time, yet he had not received any formal education as a child. A person can have all the theoritical knowledge about a guitar, but practicing with a guitar will actually enable him to play it.Discipline, routine are virtues that cannot be done without, but they should be allowed to grow in a person naturally, and not forcibly.

To conclude, i would say that although formal education in a disciplined, routine environment does have its own good points, they are certainly outweighed by the approach of imparting education in an informal environment. Thus, i strongly believe that true education can only be given when the students are allowed to express themselves in a free, unbound atmosphere, which will enable them to achive great heights in future.

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