Learning English as a Second Language Essay

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Learning English as a Second Language

From the content in the introductory part of the WebQuest, It is true that English is common language for the native people but for the non native people it is challenging and requires one to go through a series of classes compounded by determination and willingness to learn in order to understand it well. The thesis statement of the web quest gives an over view of what the rest of the content is all about. It gives the fundamental steps of learning English which involves understanding the meaning of different vocabularies provided and using them in a well structured and grammatically correct sentence.

As a teaching material, this WebQuest highlights the main objectives, which will serve as the yard stick of determining whether the intended purpose of the WebQuest is achieved. In addition to this, I give a positive feed back to the way the learning process is arranged. Understanding a word and pronouncing it correctly is indeed the fundamental step in solving the complexity in English as a language. This is because it creates a dovetail for the construction of grammatically and structurally perfect sentences to fit. Team work is undoubtedly important in building confidence among the students.

It also enables them to share their difficulties and hence understand the challenges a head of them. Provision of resources is of importance because it gives the whole learning process the originality and reliability it deserves. The evolution process cannot go unaccredited because it will enable the lecturers to know if the objectives were met. However, the WebQuest fails to show what the students should do if they fail the second step of understanding the meaning of the words in the sentences. This in my opinion is crucial for the process of learning English as a second language.

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