Learning and Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English Essay

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Learning and Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English

I would like to voluntarily contribute their thoughts in terms of the Learning and Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI). To ensure that we better understand the issues that in recent cendikawan expressed by many countries, let us turn to the fundamental question of learning and teaching itself. Students to school. They learn in the classroom (or laboratory science or handicraft workshops, etc.. ). Short said students learn, teachers teach. The main basis of learning. As a result of teaching, there will generally be four groups of students. First, there are students who fully understand the teacher.

They are the ones that usually appear as a brilliant student and obtain the best results in every test monthly, semester or major examinations like UPSR, SMRA, PMR, SMA, SPM, STPM or other examination until at higher education institutions. They excel because they fully understand almost all the subjects taught by the teacher. Inasmuch as it is an excellent student Azali Azlan (SPM 2007, 21A) does not require additional tuition classes but managed by the school. Nadiah Amira (SPM 2006, 18A) and Nor Amalina Che Bakri (SPM 2004 17A1) just take tuition for Principles of Accounts subject only.

Because they fully understand the teachings of the teacher, then they can master a subject better. The second is the group of students who only understand some of what is taught by the teacher. Perhaps out of ten things they can only understand things only six or seven. This moderate student groups. Some subjects fully understood, while others understood some subjects only. For that reason their results covering grades A, B and C as an example. We classify them as medium students. The third group consists of students who can only understand a fraction of hat is being taught by their class teacher. This group of weak students.

The average grade earned is C and D only. Rarely do they get a B or A. Maybe for some other subject they failed to continue. Then we have the lowest group, which failed because the students did not understand what was being taught by their teachers. They are the ones who are often in class bekalang. Because not understand what is being taught by the teacher, then they go to school “just the happenings”. What factors cause they understand or do not understand the teacher? Much!.

On the part of students, they are less understood due to inattention in class, playing the teacher teaches, there is no solid foundation mempepalajari a title that was introduced and the like. Next to the teacher about it may be due to less effective teaching. But there is another critical factor that determines the understanding or misunderstanding of teaching students. There are times when students have to focus 100% of the class. They do not play around when the teacher teaches. However, because the language used by the teacher was not understood by the student, it is still difficult for them to understand what is being taught.

This is among the main things that cause problems in PPSMI. It becomes more apparent if teachers are able to master the subject of English itself. Or perhaps the efforts of teachers to teach using less become bilingual. In my mother was UNDERSTAND key academic success. If a student understands what is being taught by the teacher, then the chances to score a very good subject. If not, then the chances are very slim indeed. For that reason we see some of the students look as if not study hard compared to her classmates as well as participate in various extra-curricular activities and held several important positions in clubs nd societies, but excel as a student of the school on the day of the award of distinction for outstanding students.

His friend was working two times stronger from it, attending tuition classes and participate in extracurricular activities lop school alone, but not more impressive in their studies. What has gone wrong? There is no magic in any of the last outstanding achievers but because he fully understand the teachings of the teacher, while her friend is not so. Meanwhile his friend should take a little time to make revision and homework, he had to struggle for hours to get the same results.

The answer, a misunderstanding, and another less or do not understand. Therefore, the mother is the key to success UNDERSTAND what is taught by the teacher. Let me make an analogy to strengthen these arguments. Suppose Mathematics or Science are taught by a teacher from the Middle East in Arabic, or by teachers from Manila in English Tagolog or by a teacher from Pirenza (Florence) in Italian. We ourselves are still groping in Arabic or Tagolog or Italy to follow the teaching. As good as any teacher, surely very difficult for us to understand the lesson.

It might be a bit extreme analogy, but that the elements of the problems faced by students who either does not know or weak English language. In a similar situation that, like tutoring program run by the Ministry of Education (tuition vouchers) or Felda (Felda tuition scheme) or other government agencies and non-government about its effectiveness because the basic problem, which does not understand or do not understand the teachings of the teacher as the use of a particular language exists.

I still remember my conversation with a teacher from Kota Belud, Sabah when he invites students to writing in English. She asked the students to tell what the word “introduction” in English. Each essay must begin with “identity”. He was surprised when a student said (not the purpose of humor) “IC” For students baeangkali as “ID card” is often disebaut as “IC”, then that’s probably worn logic. That’s just one of many examples, and hundreds of “funnies” in which school teachers, especially in rural areas face in teaching Science and Mathematics in English.

This means that students who are weak in English, moreover taught by teachers who are not fully prepared to teach in English Maths and Science to face two levels of problems. The first problem that made them understand teaching in a language they are not comfortable, and they understand the subject matter of science and mathematics itself. Whether justified or not, before this we often hear public complaints about the weakness of Bumiputera students in both subject matter.

With memeprkenalkan PPSMI, we not only fail to address this problem, even worse. I strongly agree once we seriously reexamine PPSMI as one of the main reasons is that PPSMI was introduced to strengthen the command of English among students in our country. That’s a noble goal that should not be disputed, but what is the approach through the PPSMI. Why not strengthen the implementation of the teaching and learning of English itself as is often touted by many people.

Even assuming the use of English to develop the country there are also arguments reaction. Many countries in the world who do not use English as the main language of success. View Thailand itself as the progress of science and technology is also great actually. Of Japan, Germany, and now the emergence of new economic giant China. My experience in Italy last year quite relevant. On average either on TV, street signs and almost 95% of general conversation in Italian. But it developed. Many Italian brand into the world game. No English.

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