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Learning and Organizational Development Consultant in Appreciative Inquiry

Two facilitated sessions for the same executive leadership team, led by myself, as the Learning and Organizational Development Consultant are examined for impacts as an organizational strategic planning tool using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in 2019, versus a customized Risk Assessment in 2018. While both sessions sought the same outcome of creating annual team goals, they had very different designs and facilitation tactics with varying levels of engagement and outputs.

This paper delves into whether the Appreciative Inquiry approach garnered increased levels of success and exceeded the session’s objectives due to what Stravos, J and Torres, C, points out in Conversations Worth Having as the Anticipatory Principle’, which is the idea that we move in the direction of our thoughts and the images we hold (2018).

The customized Risk Assessment approach, instead focused on what the team needed to avoid, mitigate and planned to recover from, which stems from what Jamison et al explains in Handbook from Strategic HR as a depreciating dynamic that organizations are a problem to be solved’.

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