Learning and Decisions Essay

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Learning and Decisions

Decisions can be difficult to make because they have such an impact on life. Have you ever had to make an important decision? Making decisions is very important in life. Decisions are what make the world go around. I have made many decisions in my life. One that has changed the high school part of my life was whether or not I would play varsity hockey my freshman year. Before the decision I had made a list of the “pros and cons”. For instance I didn’t like the fact that I would get less playing time, although in the long run I would learn more and become a better hockey player.

If I were to look back on my decision I definitely wouldn’t change it for a second. Perhaps I might do some things different, but overall I improved my skills a lot and now use to the pace of the game. For this reason during the off season I was provided with more opportunities to play with older players to keep improving my skills. Some decisions can make or break a friendship. Specifically at the beginning of this school year I told myself I was going to change my personality, and become a nicer guy. Compared to staying the same arrogant kid I have been able to acquire more friends and more respect.

Particularly I choose to begin this decision because I felt like an idiot. In truth I figured I would be able to focus better in school because I wouldn’t be getting in trouble. All things considered I’m glad I made this decision. I am a lot happier person, and I hope to stick with it. With the way the economy is, I feel very fortunate to have a job. During the past two summers I made the decision to get a job. The alternative decision for me was to be sitting at home doing nothing, or out at work gaining in income, and a responsible attitude.

Specifically I also choose this decision thinking it would keep me out of trouble. T was constantly exhausted but learned a lot of responsibility. Now after the decision if I were to look back on it I don’t regret it. Decisions can be difficult to make because they have such an impact on life. The decisions I talked about were all ones that I would not change. These decisions have changed my life and I have learned a lot from them. In conclusion I have learned a lot from the decisions I have made, whether or not I regret them I look back on them as learning experiences.

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