Learning and Advertisement Essay

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Learning and Advertisement

Q: 1 Does this advertisement informed me? Yes it does. It is advertisement by TAPAL family mixture. I learned from this add that how we live in our family? And how to do respect others. And also tells the importance of a family and relations that are very important for everyone. This advertisement tells that relations and happiness makes a complete home. This is important for every to know how to make a family and how to live in a family especially for girls this is very knowledgeable advertisement. Q:1 b) What did you get from this advertisement?

I know from this advertisement about a happy family and the importance of a complete family. And how they live in a joined family with love and care. This advertisement conveys a message to young generation to do respect the elders. Q:1 c) Where you can apply this awareness? I can apply this awareness at my home, to do the respect of my elders and love with my younger’s, and also take care of my family members. And informed my friends that they should also see this advertisement and learn the lesion that how to make a complete home.

Q: 2 Does this advertisement claim anything? Yes it does. It claims that TAPAL family mixture is a complete tea, and makes a complete home or family. That’s why most of people who are emotional they targeted to buy this product. Q: 3 Does this advertisement use pressure selling? Yes it does. Because it targeting the emotions of people. Target our family and inspired specially girls who are married and want to beautiful and complete home. Use some sentences that show pressure selling.

Q: 4 Does this advertisement fulfill the criteria of business ethics? Yes it does because the language which used in this advertisement is good, which is not cross the limits, and we see this advertisement with our family members. This advertisement shows the positive impact on people. Overall environment of this advertisement is good and we learn so many things from this advertisement, this advertisement shows our culture and spread a message that how to live in a family, and make a happy family. www. youtube. com/watch? v=ekHv1IY9_Bc.

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