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Learning Activity

This assignment talks about the mission statement of Lotto Food – grocery store and its importance and it also answer a few questions related to the mission statement.

Mission statement

The mission statement of Lotto Food – grocery store is “Where freshness is at its best”. They promise their customers at providing a diverse selection of best quality products at a reasonable rate; along with maintaining the highest standard of freshness they also win the heart and mind of their customers by providing the best customer service.

Why is it important to establish a clear mission statement?

The establishment of a clear mission statement is important because it reflects the vision of the company as to how the company would like its clients to view it .For the company to be successful, it must have a clear mission statement that convinces the clients how it would be advantageous for them to shop from their grocery store and what facilities and services can they specially enjoy being a customer of their grocery store.

Why is it important to communicate the company’s mission statement?

In order to let the public know what your company’s vision is and what facilities they have for them and what services they cater, it is necessary to communicate the mission statement of the company. It helps in communicating expectations and also pinpoint what to stress on or to potential and also it gives a clear consensus to the company telling them where they lack and how more can they improve. Communicating the company’s mission statement to the employees is more important than to its clients so that the employees are well aware of the services they have to give and the performance expected out of them.

Why is the meaning of the company’s mission statement important in making organizational changes?

A mission statement focuses on a company’s present state and therefore in order to bring any organizational change in the company, a change in the company’s mission statement is also required because every aspect of your business is reflected in the mission statement. The attributes of  the product, cost, service, quality and your co-relation with your clients, suppliers competitors and employees working in the company. (Abraham, 2007).

Reviewing and revision of the mission statement is very important as it contemplates your aims and goals with the development of your company, the economic condition and the business. If the review results in a amendment of the statement, it’s a big deal because it probably means that your company is expanding or it needs an organizational change.

Abraham,J.. (2007). 101 Mission Statements From Top Companies: Plus Guidelines For Writing Your Own Mission Statement. Ten Speed Press.

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