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Learning Activity

Today by contemplating the corporate world we can realize that change is so very necessary for firms if they want to prosper. The market is changing so rapidly and technological advancement has created such hype that firms need to evolve from time to time. Researchers say that nowadays firms do not need to bring changes to get an edge over rival firms, but to survive. This itself defines the importance of change.

However, just planning change is not important; smart execution is even more important. It includes the way management communicates the change, the way it handles employees’ reaction, the way it manages resistance to change, the way it deals with the after effects of it, and etcetera. These are very important issues that senior management focuses on. The following paragraphs will deal with two of these core issues, namely communicating change and managing change (Ian, Richard and Gib, 2009).

Being the resort manager of Baderman Island, I will be very careful in rolling out this information to my employees as communicating the fact that they will be fired if customers continuously complain is a very sensitive issue. Firstly, I will try to explain them the problem, i.e., dissatisfaction of customers and then will discuss the reasons associated with it as put forward by customers.

After this will ask for suggestions from them as I want them to feel that they are valued, which is sometimes known as underscore and explore strategy. Then company’s new policy will be disclosed smartly and the desired outcomes will also be floored. When communicating sensitive information like this, firms should give reasons behind the changes made and policies designed as employees have a right to know all about it. It should also be explained that how it will affect the organization and how important it is. If these things are taken care of then there is very less chance of resistance and negative reaction.

Moreover, managing resistance to change is again a very important issue. If any resistance occurs concerning the changes in policies brought by Baderman Island’s management I will take care of it very carefully. Again I will use a democratic approach by getting involved in a dialogue with employees who resist. I will try to explain them what they mean to the firm and why has the firm decided to introduce this policy of firing employees due to bad performance.

In addition to this, I will also explain the outcome of this policy and the positive effects it will have on the reputation of this firm. Sensible and potential employees will understand and for those who do not, I will use my authority to deal with them the harsh way. Furthermore, I will also help and facilitate employees who are worried about their job security by explaining them ways to satisfy customers and to improve their over all performance. In this way I will manage any resistance to the change.


Palmer, Dunford and Akin (2009). Managing Organizational Change, McGraw Hill Publishers.

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