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Learning Acitivity Essay

Essay Topic:

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2.Identify and describe three leadership styles. Provide examples of these styles in society? Authoritarian Leadership is one that takes personal charge of decision-making, and demands that group members obey orders (Macionis, 2013. P110). Bill Gates is a great example of authoritarian leadership. Bill had a vision after he took lead of the company and he used all possible resources within his reach and made a dream reality. Bill Gates did not consult others on which way his company should take. Democratic Leadership is making a point and including everyone in the decision-making process (Macionis, 2013.

P110). Dwight Eisenhower is one of the best people for this. While serving as a General in the Army he had a task to get the alliance all on the same page this he took great pride and hard work doing so.

Laissez-faire Leadership allows group to function more or less on its own (laissez-faire in French means “leave it alone”). (Macionis, 2013. P110). The Danish government adopted this style of leadership and allowed cannabis to be smoked and allowed open prostitution.

3.What does the research by Solomon Asch and Stanley Milgram show us about the ability of social groups to affect the opinions and behavior of group members? The research showed that people when under pressure by peers or an authoritative figure conform. Solomon Asch (1952) recruited students for what he told them was a study of visual perception (Macionis, 2013, p. 110). But what he did was make the students form a small group and put pressure on one of the students. Asch showed them card 1 with a normal line then asked them to match it to card 2 that had three lines on the card.

One third of the students chose to answer the question incorrect just like the other students. Stanley Milgram, a former student of Solomon Asch’s conducted conformity experiments study of his own (Macionis, 2013, pg.111). Milgram had a more controversial experiment he took male subjects and put them in electric type of chair to show how punishment affects learning. The teacher to start with 15v and each time that one of the subjects got it wrong the voltage would increase and even though the levels of voltage reached 450 volts Milgram was astonished how eagerly people obeyed authority.


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