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Essay on Learning

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Sample Response to Editorial

So do excuse the government for not ‘leaving you alone’ when they simply are trying to protect the wellbeing of those around you and your child. So I will conclude by addressing the only interesting and probably the only moderately thought through point you have made in your article, that students don’t do much in the last few days of school before holidays. This is very true, but pulling th...

Documentary: Waiting for Superman

If the system can effectively evaluate its teachers worldwide, and rid of teachers who are not doing an adequate job or benefitting the students or institution, they should no be teaching. Time is precious, especially time in the classroom and hopes for a new age of education system is possible. If there are more great teachers in our school systems, the US may have a brighter future. If there are...

Marita's Bargain to be Success

At last, I am very sure that dealing with this issue is really hard especially under this circumstance who grown up and try to be success in their life. The perfect environment is the priority advantage to become success and can give us necessary instruments in perfect time whenever we need to get better education. Not only that to become a successful in life every student hove to hard work, over ...

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Classical Conditioning and Pros and Cons of Punishment

As this paper proves by my own scenario of teaching my dog to sit that classical conditioning is still used today in our everyday lives. To teach a dog the meaning of the click, a treat is given immediately after clicking. Once the dog learns the positive effects of the clicking sound, the clicker itself acts as a conditioned reinforcement. Now Casper seem to run after my son without even hearing ...

Understand The Principles And Practices Of Assessment

When the learner produce a work product or and assignment, the assessor must review the work to ensure that the learner has met all the requirements for this particular unit and that they have met the assessment criteria. The assessor must encourage and give positive feedback to the learner. The assessor must document the feedback, giving the learner guidance on how they can improve their work whe...

Rehabilitation Specialist for Consumers with Mental Health Disabilities

Avoidance and Escape Behavior by most of the Staff, including myself. Most of us try to avoid any confrontation with this consumer based on past experiences. He is can be very difficult to control or reason with , and is viewed as “bad news.” The first impulse is to try to get away from him but, we can’t and this gives him power over most encounters. He has...

General System Theory

Controlling means monitoring employee's activities, determining whether the organization is on path towards its goal, and make necessary correction if needed. Prison administration needs to monitor the performance of prison staff and professional so that the offenders are rehabilitate and reintegrate back to society as productive citizen. If the inmates/offenders resist change and the goal could n...

The legal status and principles of the framework

Explain how national and local guidance materials are used in settings There are lots of guidance materials available such as, packs, books, information and forums. National guidelines will be something every setting has to comply with such as being governed by Ofsted and following the EYFS curriculum and the local guidelines. Within my setting personally, we do not have a lot of local and nationa...

Analysis of VARK

The website warns that “The results indicate a” golden rule “and should not be applied rigidly. Remember that the questionnaire is not intended to respondents” box “in a mindset that has them” diagnosed “. Rather, it is designed to start the discussion, and reflection on, learning preferences “(VARK, sf) The author of this study completed the questionnaire online and discovered tha...

The Everest Simulation

Mullen, B. & Copper, C., 1994. The Relation Between Group Cohesiveness and Performance: An Integration. Psychological Bulletin, 115(2), pp. 210-227. 11. Neufield, D. J., Wan, Z. & Fang, Y., 2010. Remote Leadership, Communication Effectiveness. Group Decision and Negotiation, 19(3), pp. 227-246. 12. Peterson, R. S. & Harvey, S., 2009. Leadership and conflict: Using power to manage...

Questioning Techniques: Research-Based Strategies for Teachers

1. Aggarwal, J. C. 2013. Essentials of Educational Technology. Innovations in Teaching – Learning. Dlhi, Vikas Publishing house Pvt. Ltd. 2. Alexis, 2009. A Questioning Strategy, Power of Wait Time/Think Time. Retrieved from http://schoolvisitexperts.com/?p=563 on 10.02.2014. 3. Asking Questions to Improve Listening. The Teaching Center. Washington University.(2009)Retrieved fromhttp://teachingc...

Safe Environment for Child Development

In order to use relationships, the physical space, materials, daily schedule, and routines provided to create a secure, interesting, and an amusing environment that promotes engagement, entertaining exploration, and learning of all children including children with disabilities and special needs, I would take these necessary precautions: Well arranged space , which meets the developmental needs of ...

Curriculum Framework Assessment

The second reporter is Mr. Ian Luke LacatanLolong. He was born on December 15, 1989 and is presently residing at Bangbang, Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. He finished his collegiate education at Kalos Mission Arts College (formerly Baguio Theological School), Baguio City with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Theology. At present, his pastoral ministry is at Pambisan Bible Christian Church, Pinamalay...

Week's Goals and Learning Experience

In conclusion, we have learned many great things as a team about Microsoft power point, and presentation. How everyone uses power point for work and personal life. We also learned about System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). How the process can be long and expensive depending on the system requirements. We agreed and disagreed on many things but in the end we were able to learn from one another. W...

Reflection Assignment : Learning

I have learned to tether my weaker learning patterns with my stronger learning patterns, so that I am more successful in learning. Once I learned my different types of learning patterns I was able to become an intentional learning because I used the assignment with my learning patterns to have a better understanding. Overall I was able to be fairly successful in this class and was given the right ...

My Teaching Methods in Inclusive Education

Communication is a key point in all aspects in life, communication with students is essential for them to ascertain progress and identify where improvements could be made. For communication to be effective teachers need to speak slowly and clearly and by only using words in which the students should be able to understand, however communication is a two way process, the teacher could ask questions ...

The Problems Faced By Students In Malaysia

Later they would decide on response in their native language, to adapt that in response to the English language, think about the reaction to ensure that it makes sense, and eventually respond. It frequently takes years of exposure to English before students can intercept translation step and actually "think in English”. As Clyne (1992b) said that national identity is seen through national variet...

My Scarf (Sentimental Value)

After some time I even learned how to make a couple of rows of stitches in a row. One day my grandmother asked me to help her to knit a scarf and so we sat and we started working on it. After a couple of weeks when the scarf was done, I was so proud of myself because not all the girls my age could knit. So the minute it was done my grandma said that I can have it now, that it is mine now, since I ...

The GCU Mission and Domains/CON Mission

The nursing career affords programs that bring a knowledgeable nurse into a masters prepared nurse who should possess all of the above statements. These master prepared nurses should be able to participate in the nursing profession as a leader in the business of health care. Both organizations strive to bring nurses to a topmost educational and professional level side by side. They both want the b...

Shared Knowledge and Knowledge Management

Knowledge is an inclusive term. Knowledge refers to acquired understanding and awareness of some facts, information, and skills (Webster). In order to obtain a certain level of understanding, one must go through diverse ways of knowing. If the process of obtaining the knowledge is grounded in personal experience and learning, the knowledge is very personal. However, in order to judge the validity ...

Language Acquisition by Learning Linguistic Gambits

Thornbury S. and Slade, D. (2007) Conversation: From Description to Pedagogy. Cambridge: CUP. Trudgill, P. (1974) Sociolinguistics: An Introduction to Language and Society. London: Penguin Books. 17 Yorio, C. (1980) “Conventionalized Language Forms and the Development of Communicative Competence” TESOL Quarterly, Vol. 14, No. 4, pp. 433-442 Krashen, S. and Scarcella, R. (1978) “On Routines ...

Learning Types of Translation

Text development is more often used in consecutive translation. It is reflected in the note-taking procedure. Text development in the course of interpretation is the restoration of the full composition of the source sentence, starting from its syntactic and semantic core, accompanied by compliance with syntactic and semantic standards of the target language. The note-taking procedure includes main...

Learning Translation Transformation in Language

Unfortunately this hypocritical idiomaticity has not been rendered in translation. However, the translator tries to compensate for this loss by increasing the level of irony further on in translation. Translation of the words gain and money also illustrates the technique of compensation: in the source text the first word Jonas learned to spell is gain and the second -money. In the, Ukrainian trans...

Final Reflection on Online Education

Some of the same advice I read from my peers on week 3 of the class will actually help me apply myself differently to a situation. This class was very interesting, listening to the videos provided and reading posts from other class mates has been very interesting. I Really had a hard time trying to understand the process of using my learning patterns but with guidance from my instructor and peers ...

Supply Chain of Pran

PRAN beverage limited is on the leading position among the country’s agro-based beverage sector. Frooto, a product of PRAN beverage Limited, has captured the largest market share in the countrywide juice market. We know that the profitability of a product depends on some factors. Supply chain is one of the critical factors. Considering this fact, PRAN beverage limited has become able to make a s...

Learning The SCM Globe System

A plus were the four training videos to help familiarize students with SCM Globe. The training videos got right to the point of describing the things needed to know to work the program. The User Manual was also a short guide and used screenshots and bullet point notes to tell aid students in what was needed to know to assist in the simulation program and was also helpful. Even though there were no...

Cradle to Cradle

AkzoNobel reckons it will particularly need people from different disciplines who relate to sustainability. Production chains will become sustainable and will, therefore, change in the near future. Nonetheless, other aspects of enterprise will change. Financing structures, business 20 Inspired by Cradle to Cradle® models, the legal system, policy, facility management, buildings, training, HR mana...

Microteaching Lesson

Finally, I need to ensure I keep adapting lessons to meet the learning needs of the learners. Adapting lessons is an important part of teaching as Geoff Petty (page 141) noted “Many teachers develop one or two teaching methods and stick to them. This is a mistake. A variety of methods – as well as increasing student attention and interest – gives you the flexibility to deal with the wide ran...

Positive Enviroment and Learning

Physical activities encourages children and young people to develop all their physical skills. Setting should offer a variety of activities and range of equipment indoor and outdoor. There must be a balance between physical activities and rest time, as children will benefit play time only if they are rested. Rest and quiet times will vary according to the age and needs of children. Children with a...

NSTP-National Service Training Program

The PNPA-Philippine National Police Academy share us the goodness of entering a police course. They informed us about the different advantages of being a student of PNPA. There are so many benefits like having their own allowance every month. The school of PNPA is providing the needs of every student that are enrolled in their school. THE Philippine Navy also shares us on how to take care, respect...

Soweto uprising

Christian national education(C.N. E), The Bantu education act, Curriculum during the apartheid era, Differences in schooling between the four different race groups, The 1994 democratic elections, The De Lange commission, Erosion of the culture of learning and teaching (C. O. L. T)and The Soweto uprising in 1979. In all these situational factors that formed the basis of the reforms during the era o...

Prior Knowledge Deficit

However, such field trips cost a lot of money; money that is currently being used on standardized tests. On one hand, traditional education consisted of students reading and writing to understand and explain the knowledge of the world. On the other hand, now day’s students are test takers, and they use their reading and writing skills for the test, just like knowledge is used to memorize all the...

Table of Specifications

Textbook provided assessments or teacher made assessments should be analyzed by a Table of Specifications. Textbook assessments may stress areas of content the teacher does not address with the same importance the text does. The assessment may not match the time and level of thinking required by the teacher. A Table of Specifications can help prevent this. It is possible the level of critical thin...

Importance of Imitation in Learning

Imitation is also important for learning. In life, school and sports, we all imitate someone else in some form. Babies imitate their parents when they start walking and talking. In school, students are taught to imitate their professors to learn. We are not given a completely new problem and asked to find the answer, but rather taught to watch a teacher work through the problem and given similar q...

The New Kid - Education

It is all in the eye of the beholder. Someone who has never been the new kid may not understand the how much one small little gesture means. If there is ever a new kid who needs help, I will be the first one to help them since I know how it feels. I will always be the bigger person and stand up for the kid who gets laughed at and help up the girl who trips in front of everyone. We all know it’s ...

Social Pedagogy

Social Pedagogy can support children’s development by helping children and young people to take more risks in life as this is a way of helping them to develop their judgement and also how to test boundaries. Social Pedagogy also helps to remove any barriers in stopping the child’s development to decrease, or not be as developed as other children, helping the child to understand more complex th...

No Zero Policy in Learning Process

For many years teachers have followed grading procedures learned from their teachers without evaluating their effectiveness or appropriateness. Grades should measure academic learning not the slacking effort of the student, for they may have their reasons. Receiving a zero for not putting your name on a paper or failing to do homework does not reflect a student's lack of knowledge. Zeros promote f...

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