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After the Leaguetown High School principal and faculty witnessed improved testing scores because of single-gendered classrooms in a Florida high school, they proposed the same structure (need better word) at Leaguetown. The proposal will only affect core classes while elective classes will remain mixed gendered. The school board will address the proposal at their meeting on Wednesday, March 27.

The test scores recorded at the Florida school show tremendous improvement of grades over the years which could also happen at Leaguetown.

The school board should approve the proposal for the betterment of its students. Single gendered classes would help students to focus on assignments and allow easier collaboration between the students of the same gender. The purpose of going to school is to learn first, and not to socialize, so the topic of gender assigned classrooms should not be a factor that affects learning.

However, the insufficient funding to send teachers to observe other single-gendered classrooms or to hire an expert is an obstacle in the process, but the initial faculty who witnessed the Florida high school classrooms will be able to teach other teachers of the strategies and policies.

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Furthermore, It is no surprise that 66% of the student body opposes the proposal because of factors such as relationships or interaction with the opposite sex is more common in high school. Despite this, the students should focus on their education rather than social groups and approve of the proposal. Furthermore, parents have not been surveyed, eliminating the wiser opinion of the student’s caregivers who know what is best for the student.

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It is admirable that the principal and faculty are exploring new ways to improve students’ test scores to better the school’s academic standing. This proposal is a very efficient way of getting students to focus on schoolwork and testing. The school board should vote to approve the proposal and allow the faculty to provide optimal conditions for the students to excel in school.

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