Leading them to Believe Essay

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Leading them to Believe

To serve God and our country, we must develop our talents and skills. Use what talents you possess; the wood be silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best By: Henry Van Dyke Each of possess different and unique talents that we can use to serve our country specially our God who give this special skills to us.

Each of us can make a difference if we believe in ourselves that we can make it for our country because we use it on the right way // We can change other people’s life if we lead them to show their talents and not just only to hide it/ But the most important thing that we must know and not to forget is in everything that you do/ Do it all for the glory of God! Use what talents you have. Many singers, actors, dancers, philosophers, mathematicians, inventors, have succeed because they use their skills and do their best to achieve their dreams. As you can see, they use their skills to serve our country.

Inventors invented many machines and technologies to make our life easy. Several singers like lea Salonga, Jessica Sanchez and Charice Pempengco have received numerous awards that brings glory on our country Philippines. Some people claim they don’t have any special talents or skills, or they don’t pursue discovering them. But God desires every member of the body of Christ to use abilities he divinely gave. Therefore, each believer has the responsibility to seek out and discover God given talents doing this can launch a lifetime of enjoyable service to God.

One way to recognize our talents is to ask close friends or family members which areas they see as our strengths. In receiving this talents, we have several choices, we can set them aside in disappointment and pursue something that looks better in our own eyes, we can develop them for personal gain or we can cultivate and practice them as our own gifts back to God. When it comes to long term fulfillment, however we find greatest satisfaction when our gifts and abilities are used as intended.

When God gives you a talent, he expects you to use it. It’s like a muscle, if you use it, it will grow. If you don’t, you’ll lose it. If you have a talent but are afraid to use it, or if you get lazy and don’t use it to benefit others, you’re going to lose it. Like the parable of the ten talents in the bible, if you don’t use what Godhas given you, he will take it away and give it to someone else who will. But if you use talents wisely, God will give you more. God will bless your level of faithfulness.

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