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Essays on Leadership Skills

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Zappo Company's Holocracy

Introduction Zappos.com, Inc. (Zappos) is generally known for selling shoes and accessories; however it has now grown into much more than that. Established in 1999 and acquired by Amazon in 2009, Zappos has grown to become the world’s largest online shoe store. This company is not only known for its wide variety of shoes and accessories, but also for its unparalleled return policy. Zappos actually encourages its customers to buy shoes in multiple sizes and just send back the ones…...

Good Managers are Born or Made

It is quite clear that effective management is a crucial part of any business’ organisational strategy and effective managers are the ones create an effective management system. The argument about “good managers are made or born” is continuing for decades since and the role of managers is concerned. But the idea is changing through time. Nowadays, technology and management skills have continued to develop; managers are required to be consistently followed up and updated themselves to fit in. With this…...


Intro Management and management, these are two words we utilize on daily basis. However the concerns like how do we understand good leaders, what qualities, mindset, style and behaviour do they display, are regular. The capability to lead is not linked to education, although the majority of leaders are smart individuals. Numerous qualities required for a leader are also possessed by supervisors. There are affiliation in between leaders and supervisors. Organisation's intent to develop leadership among employees has remained in…...

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Leadership Skills

Introduction Leaders have difficult getting relevant feedback, especially when operating in powerful positions in an organization. Often times leaders need feedback more than others do. If leaders do not receive feedback, they will not learn from their leadership experiences. Creating opportunities to get feedback is critical especially with regard to feedback from individuals working for them (Curphy, Ginnett, & Hughes, 2009). When it comes to open door policy leaders should not think they have open request for feedback. The oversight…...

The Contingency Theory

The contingency Theory reveals the relationship between the leader's orientation or style and group efficiency under differing situational conditions. The theory is based upon figuring out the orientation of a leader (relationship or task), the aspects of the situation (leader-member relations, task structure and leader position power), and the leader orientation that was discovered to be most reliable as the circumstance changed from low to moderate to high control. Fred Edward Fiedler in his landmark 1964 post," A contingency of…...

Sir Richard Branson and Haruka Nishimatsu

Sir Richard Branson, Chairman and CEO of Virgin Atlantic, and Mr Haruka Nishimatsu are two contrasting leaders that have adopted leadership styles that suit the vastly different Japanese and British cultures. Comparison of the Leadership styles of Haruka Nishimatsu, JAL CEO and Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Atlantic,. On a typical day, Haruka Nishimatsu wakes up, wears one of his discount suits, takes the city bus to work, walks down the aisles and corridors of JAL unnoticed, and sits at…...

Role of Leadership in Great-Man Theory

Introduction As I have read about it, a particular interest in my has been raising about the wonderful way many people has utilized their natural abilities as a medium of reunion and leadership. I found a string link between this gifts or skills these men had and their particular behavior in the time they lived. I would like to talk about the special characteristics that had to be present; more specific the building process of a divine individual, a prophet…...

Improve Networking and Leadership Skills

Life situations may lead to developing our networking and leadership skills. For me, leadership is about service to humanity. All my life, I have lived by this standard. I started active volunteering for social work after graduation from the university and have been influential in my community since then. My leadership skills are evident in the following instances. In university, I organized reading groups with classmates. Upon graduation, I joined Namu Clinic as a Laboratory Scientist where as part of…...

Blended Coaching Book Review

This is a well written, easy to read practical guide to coaching principals and other school leaders. It contains many examples of different coaching styles for the education sector. The authors offer a fresh approach to professional development of leadership. Blended Coaching provides research and theory for the readers with practical skills and strategies for leadership coaching which is connected to the needs of principals and other school leaders. This book provides field tested, concise guidance, for all who are…...

What's Your Leadership Style?

As I reflect on my college courses and work experience, I realized how much I learned about myself and my abilities during my college courses and how I started paying attention to my leadership potentials. There are several courses that raised my awareness of myself in addition to enriching the academic knowledge. In the Critical Thinking course for example I had the chance to view my way of thinking from a point outside my mind. I knew about the flaws…...

Building a Positive Culture and Inspiring Others to Become Leaders

Abstract The essence of leadership is the ability to building a positive culture and inspire others to become leaders and/or help them reach their full potential. It is also important to promote clear and open communication and build trusting relationships among stakeholders and within the community. As a leader, it is my aspiration to create a culture where all stakeholders come first and build a trusting relationship among all stakeholders. This will allow the opportunity to build a strong team…...

Leadership and Personality Development

Leadership is the most and basic need for the development of the personality of a person. Leadership and personality are two phases of a coin. it is the same as head and tail. It has different advantages and some lead to bad decisions. It makes a person disciplined in life. It helps in developing the inner quality of life. Leadership helps in controlling disputes and the essence of life. Leadership can be best described as the success of a person…...

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