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Leadership Quality Essay Examples

Essays on Leadership Quality

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Leadership Quality of Kumar Mangalam Birla

Are we doing everything we can to help people be the best they can be? " asked Birla in the Q203 issue of The Smart Manager. The question is close to his heart. Since he took over the reins at the Birla Group he has focused on fine tuning the group's talent pool. If this meant taking hard decisions Birla did not shy away. More than 350 senior managers left the group. Some through natural attrition, others through counseling, leaving…...

The Contingency Theory

The contingency Theory reveals the relationship between the leader's orientation or style and group efficiency under differing situational conditions. The theory is based upon figuring out the orientation of a leader (relationship or task), the aspects of the situation (leader-member relations, task structure and leader position power), and the leader orientation that was discovered to be most reliable as the circumstance changed from low to moderate to high control. Fred Edward Fiedler in his landmark 1964 post," A contingency of…...

Sir Richard Branson and Haruka Nishimatsu

Sir Richard Branson, Chairman and CEO of Virgin Atlantic, and Mr Haruka Nishimatsu are two contrasting leaders that have adopted leadership styles that suit the vastly different Japanese and British cultures. Comparison of the Leadership styles of Haruka Nishimatsu, JAL CEO and Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Atlantic,. On a typical day, Haruka Nishimatsu wakes up, wears one of his discount suits, takes the city bus to work, walks down the aisles and corridors of JAL unnoticed, and sits at…...

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Bill Gates Leadership Quality

Gates and his two sisters had a comfortable upbringing, with Gates being able to attend the exclusive secondary "Lakeside School". Bill Gates started studying at Harvard University in 1973 where he spent time with Paul Allen. Gates and Allen worked on a version of the programming language BASIC, that was the basis for the MITS Altair (the first microcomputer available). He did not go on to graduate from Harvard University as he left in his junior year to start what…...

Transformational Leadership Transactional Leadership Charismatic Leadership

In this model, it is exceptionally hard to balance one’s ego. It gets so easy to tamper with others for self-satisfaction. While good leadership quality involves the need for sharing credit, transformational leadership is not so. This model understands well how to pick up criticism with grace without passing the back or even blaming others (Sharma & Jain, 2013). The leaders freely admit their failures and work hard to improve on them. Transactional leadership is resistant to change. It does…...

Importance of Leadership

Leadership: Leadership is the ability of a person by which he/she motivate or influence a group of people to act toward a common goal. Individuals who possess leadership quality are called leaders. The main task of any leader is to inspire, motivate, or influence a group of people Leadership is a process by which an individual command over group of people and build up confidence among people so they can work toward their goal without any hesitation or distraction. We…...

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