Leadership in the African American Community Essay

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Leadership in the African American Community

African American community had many problems, such as freedom, economic, education, transportation, being unemployment, lack of self defense; lack of power and … therefore different leaderships and organizations were established to help African American. African American wanted to be free because they were USA citizen and they did not like someone call them nigger or free of slave. They wanted to have freedom of speech, vote,, human rights, self defense, they wanted to be free to go to school and be educated, and they did not like people look at them down because of their color.

Black people were the last one got hire and the first one got fire when they applied for job. They had very bad situation because they could not find a job easily. That’s why most of them become unemployment and the rest who had job their salary were low. Black people had problem with transportation because most of them did not had a car so it was hard for them to apply for job. Black people wanted to go to school like white people, they wanted to show them they are smart and they can be educated too. They wanted to be educated so they can learn all the law and learn how to talk and have self defense when someone attack to them.

Black people were lack of power because of their skin color. White people could be president or having good positions, and they treat Black people as slaves. Black people had to work in white people’s farms like a slaves, and always respect them and say, ‘‘YES SIR’’. Therefore different leadership and organization stand up to defend them in from of all of these problems for example Martin Luther King in her speech said he has a dream and talks about freedom and how Black and white should be equal, he said Black people should vote, and should be free and go to school.

Ella baker also helped Martin Luther King in different way, she established different organization, and she moved to different states and having different conference with different people. There are other leadership and organization which help them out which I am going to talk about it later. Work cited Ransby, Barbara. Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement. The University of North Carolina. Press, in Chapel Hill and London 2003. The Video: FUNDI http://moodle. wolfware. ncsu. edu/file. php/33965/FUNDI. m4v Hodak, George.

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