Leadership for the Twenty-first Century

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At the change time, the definition of leadership changes. The leader is not saying what a strong or powerful person is, and who does not know what to do. He is a man who can direct and direct the team members. In fact, leadership is sometimes polymorphic. The definition will have different meanings in different cases. Compared to the public’s beliefs, it is aimed at raising and distributing positive attitudes and attitudes to your company’s status and degree.

There is no unique secret to success in terms of leadership.

Different environments have different needs and different styles of leadership. For example, when a company cuts budgets or dismisses employees, it’s not a crisis, they need different types of leader when hiring.

In addition, different cultures may show a preference for specific leadership traits. For example, Britons prefer leaders who motivate them around their vision, care of their well-being, and pursue emphasis on their opinions. Meanwhile, Islamic countries such as Turkey and Qatar want their leaders to focus on the procedures, status and security of individuals and groups.

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True leadership is not your leader. It is to press forward, always try and try again. Talk about life and questions about life. Which leader wants your customers to, what the leader requires of your business, and what your community needs. It grows and you feel about it. (Bush, M., Mar. 2016)

Your courage as a leader depends not only on the path you make for yourself, but also on the wisdom you share with others.

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Leadership is to teach others how to be brave-to-counter the uncertainty of business and life through their past-related perspectives, and most importantly, they make them through the final game I will see. (Llopis, G., Dec. 2015)

For many people, politics has become a career; our national politics is in the lands of the wrong people engaging in corrupt and immoral acts to fulfill their selfish interest without caring for those who elected them. Many politicians are self – centered in our country; politics is driven by corruption without taking into account the welfare of those who elected them.

Instead of being a public servant, politicians are behaving in the way they like as they are the master and treated people. In other words, politicians have failed to live up to their exception, leading to a catastrophic situation for the nation. I thought about taking the initiative to bring about change that’s why I want to be a politician. I would be different from others if I became a politician; I would become a person of the people rather than a political deceiver.

Being a politician is not easy, but it can be rewarding because by serving my people honestly, it gives me the opportunity to make a difference in my community. I need to work hard and smart to be a good politician and focus on running a successful campaign to represent my people at the national level in an influential position by making the necessary changes to improve their lives.

My first step is to expose egoism, favoritism, nepotism, and corrupt practices. I would also prevent them by serving their interests from exploiting ordinary people with mischievous deeds. By fighting corruption at all levels, I would show people my resourcefulness. I will also raise awareness of the rights and privileges of people and encourage them to reject the dirty politicians.

My other duty would be to clean up the bureaucrats and make sure all public institutions serve ordinary people, but not politicians. It would be my sacred duty to ensure that all resources are well used for the benefit of ordinary people, but not a few greedy people who like to exploit the poor.

In fact, you need more than just theory and tactics to become a great leader. You need leadership and leadership that you want to offer. Then you will able to assess the experience of senior business leaders, not just your business success but also your experience and advancement. (Civitella, A., Jul. 2018)

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Leadership for the Twenty-first Century

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