Leadership Crisis – Role of Tomorrow Leaders Essay

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Leadership Crisis – Role of Tomorrow Leaders

With the world becoming a global village, today’s leaders need to Think Global & Act Local. It’s essential that Leaders understand the nuances of managing businesses across globe that depict challenges in terms Culture, Laws, History/Background and many more. While I do not have an exposure to working other than India, I do have experience working in 6 to 7 states in India. The challenge is no different as the culture in India changes from one state to another & infact it’s different within states also. Thus as a leader you need to be able to understand & adopt to such changes, lead & manage them effectively.

Engage people, reciprocate & build trust:

One of the major challenges in today’s world for the Leaders is “How effectively you engage your people”. People are the prime movers. Leaders who realize this can only be successful in getting the desired goals. In this era, the challenge for the Leaders is to continually engage people, build trust & sustain.

Nimble & Pay 360 degrees attention to set standards:

Today’s leaders need to be more open & flexible. Gone are the days of Autocratic means of leadership. A leader need to be proactive, watchful in terms perception as perceptions need to be managed & be decisive.

Connect to other Leaders & Communicate:

Networking is an important trait of an effective leader. Gone are the days wherein Leaders are perceived as Master of all thus it is essential that Today’s leaders understand the fact & identify such connects for better results. We as a leader need to continuously be connected to all such sources who may be experts in each of their areas or fields. There is tremendous revolution observed in the field of communication with the advent of mobile phone, internet, facebook, twitter etc,. Leaders need to effectively use all such means to get & remain connected thus making him more accessible.

Manage Uncertainity & Volatility:

Change is the order of the day & ofcourse the only thing which is constant in the worls. The biggest challenge a leader faces in todays world is Managing Change. The change may be in terms of technology, system, laws, processes etc, but the biggest challenge lies in how does the leader identify & adopt himself to the changing needs & drive the people to adopt the change successfully.

Morals & Values:

Morals & Values adopted by individuals make their identity. Living by these morals & values, despite them being challenged creates value & these traits differentiate an ordinary person & a Leader. Each Leader whim we adore depicts such values Mahatma Gandhi depicts Integrity, Bill Gates depicts Innovation, Mother Terrisa depicts Compassion, Nelson Mandela depicts Endurance & many more. What we need to understand & realize from each of these leaders is that their acts reflected the value which is “Walk the Talk”. The leaders need to imbibe such traits to be successful.

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