Leadership Case Study Essay

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Leadership Case Study

Case Problem A: Frank Won’t Accept “We can’t” for an answer Key issues/summary: Frank is a business development manager in a firm charged with the mandate of providing the government with business improvement solutions. The company is currently faced with the challenge of acquiring more contracts from the government considering the expiry of the existing contracts. Frank refuses to accept the loss of contract and the inability of the company to acquire more contacts. Problem statement: The system of leadership style that Franks uses is ineffective in realizing the objectives of the company and he needs to develop a better strategy for the profitability of the firm.

Root cause: Frank believes that the laxity of the project managers is the main contributor to loss of contacts in the company. Solutions: It is important for Frank to recognize the problem that the organization faces and develop an all inclusive approach on the best possible strategies that could help the company gain in terms of contracts and profit levels. Advantages: If Frank incorporates other managers in the decision making process, it is possible to realize effective solution to company problems Disadvantage: Failure to recognize the professional input of other managers may lead to the collapse of the company.


1. What Based on limited evidence how would characterize Franks leadership style? Frank is autocratic in his style of leadership since he expects results by stating the course or action that his subordinated must embrace. 2. What leadership behavior and attitudes is Frank displaying? Frank is inconsiderate and controlling in terms of behavior and attitude. He expects his employees to generate results despite the difficulties that the company is experiencing. 3. How else can Frank approach his project managers about developing a new business? Frank can introduce an all-inclusive approach that emphasizes on brainstorming on the best possible alternatives of acquiring contracts from other entities other than the government. Case Problem B: Time to Rebound at Willow Pond

Key issues/Summary: Heather Osaka has been offered the position of director at Willow Pond; a medium-size assisted living home. The home experiences challenges related to effective management and the well-being of its clients. Problem statement: Heather Osaka needs to find techniques of leadership that will enable her solve the problems at Willow Pond. Root causes: Poor leadership and limited concern on employee wellbeing contributed to negligence and the provision of poser services at Willow Pond. Solutions: There is need for Heather to realize the relationship between her personal attributes and the best leadership style that can be used based on her previous experiences while working at two hospitals. These will help in determining the existing needs and the available facilities to provide lasting solutions. Answers to questions on Case Study B

1. This case is included in the chapter about charismatic and transformational leadership because the type of leader needed to revive Willow Pond should demonstrate to his subordinated his ability and belief in making positive changes despite the complications that may have characterized the an organization. 2. The transformational leadership techniques that Heather can apply while reforming Willow Pond include the introduction of motivational approaches for enhance the efficacy of employees. In addition, Heather can employee the use of better communication strategies and the involvement of the management in the decision making process.

3. Charismatic aspects of Heather’s personality may be instrumental in making changes within the organization considering that this approach to leadership generate the belief that a leader has the capacity to make meaningful changes. In addition, it is a way of convincing the management and the employees of her potential. 4. The job at Willow Pond is a wonderful career for Heather since it will enable her demonstrate her level of expertise from experience in ensuring the development of the organization. It will also be an opportunity of advancing her career portfolio.

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