Leadership Ann Fudge casestudy Essay

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Leadership Ann Fudge casestudy

1. Where would Ann Fudge be placed in each of the five factor model (FFM) categories?

Ann Fudge was open to experience, because she traveled around the world, and she visited other Y&R employees. She was agreeable, easy to get along with because she got along with consumers, factory workers on a production line, and executives as well. Dependable, they could depend on Ann because she was committed to her work. She worked 15-hour shifts and she worked very hard. She came into the company in a stressful time but was focused and got the company back on track so she works well with neuroticism, she coped well even with stress. Ann is conscientious as well because she had the ability to interact effectively with constituencies of a consumer business.

2. Ann Fudge decided to take a sabbatical to focus on her personal life. Based on her experience what are the benefits of such a break? What might be some drawbacks?

The benefit of the break was a chance for Ann to clear her head and so she can focus better so she can get refreshed with new experiences. She wrote a book “The Artist’s Way at Work” about improving creativity and innovation on the job. So this is one of the benefits as well, writing the book I think had a positive effect on her work. I don’t think there were and drawbacks, because at Y&R she was back again working hard and she was very successful.

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